Saturday, November 9, 2013

POST 132 KRAKOW POLAND I LOVE Master Charles Phan Hoang

10 to 17 November 2013
I can tell you that each city I have known in Poland has its own charms, its own characters and value. To me Krakow is the most attractive when you come to discover it at night! You cannot find the same ambiance as of Krakow elsewhere. Last year, October 2012, I arrived in Krakow late evening and found the heavy door of the hotel where I had made my reservation was closed! I rang, and rang, and rang again… no answer. Thanks to this incident I got an opportunity to appreciate the kindness of some people in this city helping me out and also the opportunity to explore Krakow deep at night. Krakow, especially at the Market Place, is unique. You should come there and see by yourself how vibrant this city is at night; full of activities around the Market Place. At midnight I even found a cycle-rickshaw on a narrow street.

In May 2005, at an historical place, surrounded by many friends, and excited to be there at that evening, I said on a spontaneous speech something as: The beauty of a country holds in its history, in its places, and in the soul of its people. When I walk here each stone tells me something about the past of this country, and these buildings around here all are witnessing the exceptional contribution of generations and generations of the people of Poland… POLAND, I LOVE!

Charles Phan Hoang   (Autumn 2013)



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