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Post 155 08JUNE2014 HAEIN SA in S.Korea

Post 155 08JUNE2014 HAEIN SA in S.Korea

BLOG 08 JUNE 2014
HAEIN SA in South Korea

My trip back to this sacred place, after 31 years, has been more than wonderful, it is simply full of meaning and emotion. Yes, it is at Haeinsa temple in 1983 I created the form BAT-NHA quyen (kata) that many of you practice today. I will tell you in details when we meet at the next Annual Spring Training Stage 2015.
For now, please see pictures taken yesterday at Haeinsa

I am writing this quick note from the road in South Korea to let all of you ( in Learning Group and Registered Black Belts, and Circle members) know that it is not easy for me to write long text on the road. However Master Edio Tue-Chu frequently receives my traveling note through cell-phone which is limited to 160 signs and he forwards personally to each of you.

Master Phan Hoang is traveling in Japan.
Access to email and Blog are limitted.
Blog will be posted whenever possible.

 BLOG 01 June.
Dear all
It is always exciting when you arrive in this city of Tokyo, so I am posting here a few quick  pictures: Start with images at AEROVILLE in Roissy, France, then Tokyo from the 18th floor of my rooom.

Many others pictures from different places in Europe will be posted NOT in order of time.

Best wishes to all
(It is not easy for me to send message or post on blog when I am traveling extencively,
Thanks for your understanding)

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