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Post 164 10AUG FULL MOON - Wide Sky Poem NGA THI

Post 164 10AUG FULL MOON - Wide Sky Poem NGA THI

 In this Post 164 August 09, 2014:
-Wide Sky Poem
-Exercise NGA THI
Charles Phan Hoang
Sometimes did you get tired, discouraged by the busy life in society or by the disillusion about people you had counted on? Just looking up at the beautiful moon and go deep inside of your soul to find the real nature of yourself: YOU WERE BORN BEAUTIFUL, NOTHING COULD AFFECT YOU.

In this Post 164 I'd like to share with you a spontaneous writing under the form of a poem and a short exercise called NGA-THI which is a  powerful tool to shape our body-and-mind.
Meet you through the moon when I am looking up to the sky this evening 10 August 2014, about 8:00 pm Eastern time.
phan hoang

POST 164 , August 09, 2014
Autumn Moon and Wide Sky


(English translation draft)
Looking up to the moon, we forget all sadness
Like a butterfly, flying among clouds, in the universe
Throwing away all worrisome
Fly, fly, fly... you are free
Over the immensity of ocean
Come and swim over there in Eternal Spring
On high mountain , under the moon, sharpen your sword
Then look down your own image in the water mirror
Are you sure that you are your-self?

Charles Phan Hoang  2004


                          (This is original in Vietnamese classic form)
Ngưỡng nguyệt tắc vô ưu       
Hồ điệp đằng vân lưu             
Phiền đoạn hề xuất xuất         
Trùng vũ bằng phi tựu 
Đại hải vân hạc phiêu               
Thiên nga Bồng-lai thủy         
Ma kiếm hạ nguyệt luân         
Ảnh chiếu ư ngã thị ?
Phan Hoàng, 2004


                           (This version is a poem in Vietnamese)

Nhìn trăng ta bỏ hềt sầu
Thành con bướm đẹp tinh cầu mây bay
Quẳng đi phiền muộn cõi này
Điệp trùng vũ trụ ta bay tuyệt vời
Đại dương cánh hạc ngàn khơi
Suối tiên ta tắm thoả đời thiên nga
Non cao mài kiếm trăng tà
Nhìn theo bóng nưóc ta là ta chăng?
Phan Hoàng, 2004

                      Exercise NGA-THI  
                       I Am
                        by g.m. phan hoang

NGA-THI Exercise: Total 21 pictures for the whole form.

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