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POST 179 December 07, 2014. Training Form SET 8 SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN -A MORNING IN ASAKUSA, TOKYO - Charles Phan Hoang

POST 179


Post 179, 07 December 2014
-(continued)The training form 
 -Text and Pictures: A MORNING IN ASAKUSA

In October, I learned that, all Youth Hostels in Tokyo were almost fully booked for the period I intended to stay, in early November. Fortunately, at the last minute, I have successfully reserved my place at a Ryokan-Hostel in the area of Asakusa. This is a nice part of Tokyo.

Going around early in the morning to witness how this crowded city was slowly taking life on a Sunday in all the beauty aspects of human activities, was for me a great pleasure, I would say a privilege.
I went around without any plan or precise intention; my small and old camera did the routine job not for the performance of the art of photography for which it didn’t care much but for the spontaneous grasp of reality, or more precisely for the feeling of reality at the moment. You could feel through the series of pictures attached here the ambiance of Asakusa from early morning to about noon that Sunday. The Department Store DON-QUIJOTE attracted my attention not only for its Spanish name I love but moreover by its help when suddenly a natural pressure put me under urgent solution. I thought that surely I could find that small room in this large building. Yes, of course. But once I am inside I could not find any sign in English. Finally I only reach that precious place at the 4th floor, at extreme limit! 

The last picture is not from Asakusa area but at the Tokyo Arts Center, in Tokyo Mid-Town where I found a delicious Vietnamese restaurant for a bowl of ‘Pho-soup’, the previous day.
Have a nice day.

charles phan hoang

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