Monday, January 12, 2015

Post 184 -BAI DI XA, Bài-Đi-Xa / Going Far Away - Charles P. Hogan, Zen Morning Power - Postcards: Meditation, Un Château -Pictures: Bergamo, Italy.

Post 184,  from 09 through 18 January 2015
In this Post 183 you will find:
- Bài-Đi-Xa / Going Far
- Zen Morning Power
- Postcards: Meditation, 
   Un Château
-Pictures: Bergamo, Italy.

Bài-Đi-Xa / Going Far
Bai-Di-Xa is an important and powerful form (quyen) common to all the 8 disciplines of Viet-Chi, especially for Viettaichi, Vietkhiphap, and Vietchidao programs.

Bai-Di-Xa consists of 8 consecutive  movements (exercises), after an opening gesture called: Nguong-Thien (Looking up to the Sky). The 8 movements can be performed as independent exercises to building up physical and inner-energy, strengthening endurance, preventing  low-back-pain. Bai-Di-Xa sends us a message: If we want to go far on the way of life, being healthy and happy, we must take great care of our body-and-mind by doing exercises every day.

How to perform the 8 exercises of Bai-Di-Xa? From the 8 coming posts we will present to you these powerful exercises.  
Thank you for your patience which is the requirement in the learning of Bai-Di-Xa.
Best wishes.
g.m phan hoang


  Charles P. Hogan

A master sat straight,
Whole night, cold place
No sutra,
The sun now is rising.
                 (2014, 4893)   


Thiền sư ngồi thẳng, phòng lạnh ngắt
Bạch lạc mệt nhoài, lụn bấc
Trang kinh khép chặt, không đọc
Mặt trời mọc
                                                                CPH  (2014, 4893)   




Récemment, nous avons reçu deux belles photos de Michel Binh Son. Nous insérons volontairement ces images dans la collection privée de Cartes Postales Vietchi.  
Un grand merci à Michel Binh-Son.



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