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Post 185 Exercise HA-CO Phan Hoang Postcard Piossasco Edio Tue-CHu; IRAKLEIO by Charles Hogan



                                                                         Charles Hogan

At one thirty that afternoon 
My car, like a tank,
Slowly entering this mysterious city
No one in the streets, no shop open
Weather is hot, humidity high
The church’s door firmly closed
All activities I could see here are
Two dogs fighting on a large place
While three others sleeping peacefully aside…
Where am I, in Irak or Irakleio?
At five o’clock
In a sudden, the city waked up
All shops are open
Beautiful streets, joyful people everywhere
I got a fabulous ice cream
Then I got lost in this busy city
Which has a dozen different names
In the Crete paradise./.
                 (Spring 2014, cph)



Post 185,  from 19 through 26 January 2015
In this Post 185 you will find:
From Bài-Đi-Xa / Going Far Away
- Text on HA-CO
-IRAKLEIO  Charles Hogan
- Postcard
-Pictures Irakleio

Bài-Đi-Xa / Going Far
SET 01: Exercise HA-CO

Ha-Co means The Lower Part.

Ha-Co is one of the eight movements of the form BAI DI-XA. You will find pictures of this exercise attached to this document 

Briefly, the technical training of Ha-Co is as follows:

-OPENNING- Stand up in Posture No1 (The Pillar stance/Lap-Tan), and execute the Salutation.

-MOVEMENT- Make the same posture a bit larger. Both hands at the level of your hips (inhale), then pushing forward (exhale, legs slightly bent )   

-BREATHING- It is the method THO-BUNG (Belly breathing).  Inhale: abdomen out, then hold your breath for three seconds. Exhale: abdomen in.

-BODY WORK- Inhale: body open up largely, relaxing. Exhale: strong contraction; at the end of movement: hold the strong contraction for two seconds then relax.

-MIND- Imagine that your body is like a mountain: strong, and proud. Your Dan-Dien (belly/abdomen) is like a large lake: deep and moving. Your motto: READY AND HAPPY TO HELP.

-QUANTITY- Basic training: doing Ha-Co 9 times. Advanced training: by a multiple of 9 (18, 27, 36 etc). The excellent level is for 108 times. One can do Ha-Co several times in a day.

-DISCIPLINE- Everyday when you get out of your bed, immediately execute Ha-Co 7 times (so there are at least 2 times left for you to do during the day).

Best wishes.

g.m phan hoang




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