Sunday, August 31, 2014

Post 167 31AUG2014 RETHYMNO -Island of Crete, Part three- Phan hoang

POST 167, August 31, 2014
-Island of Crete , Part Three-


Today is the last day of August (31 Aug. 2014), for most of us Summer Vacations are now ending and we are preparing for the BACK TO SCHOOL activities.

In this Post 167 I continue to share with you pictures taken on my travel in Crete. After visiting BALOS (Post 166) I went to RETHYMNO.
Rethymno surprised me with its wonderful night life.
By luck I met two American teachers who explained me why they liked to stay in this city for years; then I met a group of nice students who guided me through the city center at night. You could never say you have really visited a city if you did not pass at least a night there. Rethymno at night is another world: full of music, happy people, open shops, endless busy streets, attractive restaurants and a quiet walking way along the sea. Being in company of local people changes completely your view of the place you are exploring.

Thank you for visiting Rethymno through the lenses of my old and small Sony Cybershot bought seven years ago. The other Sony, with much better quality, stayed home because when I am traveling  “SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL!”
  g.m. phan hoang



Saturday, August 23, 2014

Post 166 23AUG2014 BALOS Lagoon- CRETE

Post 166 23AUG2014 BALOS Lagoon- CRETE

POST 166, August 13, 2014
Island of Crete
(Part Two)


In this Post 166 I’d like to share with you my visit at BALOS Lagoon, a wonderful place, unique in the world I have visited last May (2014).  A place when looking up you cannot embrace the whole sky, looking down you do not see where the ocean ends, looking backward the road that brought you here already disappeared. Only looking inward you can discover the real nature of yourself beyond good and bad.
  g.m. phan hoang


The narrow road ends
Up, high, wind, ocean
Land ends
Another world under the sky
Wide open

On the sand background
The past civilization behind
I sat there, moment ago
On a rock
Between the blue and the green
I mean where is the sky
And where is the ocean
When the land ends
Immensity open
Don’t fall!
 Charles Steven Hogan
 Balos May 2014