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POST 215 29AUG2015 Technique BUA-XEO Oblique Hammer ; Who's Who in Settimo Torinese; Near the mountain Phan Hoang; CHALLENGE ; Zen Garden; lac Deux Montagnes


POST 215 – August 29, 2015

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POST 215 – August 29, 2015

PAST Post 21 on 27 August 2011


ENGLISH VERSION (Le texte en français suit la version en anglais)

From time to time, I have the opportunity to come back and see this large lake to which I gave a Vietnamese name, "Ho Luong Son", reflecting its original name: "Lac de Deux Montagnes" / "Lake Two Mountains."
Every time when I see it, it always provides me with a source of energy and a deep inspiration, whatever the time of the day: morning or night, or the season: winter, summer, fall or spring.
There were moments I stayed a long time at the lake contemplating the immensity of this lake and the sky. Many times in winter, when the temperature outside is minus thirty degrees centigrade, I crossed the lake by car via the "ice bridge", the name given to the iced passage lined with small fir trees between the shore of Oka (Quebec) and the shore of Hudson (Quebec) two kilometers across the lake. Frequently, on snowshoes I walked on this lake, when a thick layer of fresh snow covered its iced surface. One autumn evening, I crossed by boat when it was violently shaken by a strong storm. For me, this lake is both mysterious and unforgettable: it is the birthplace of Viet-Tai-Chi and many other teaching during the eight years of intensive creation and reflection at its shore. Seeing again this lake gives me an inexplicable strength!
Phan Hoang ((25-08-2011)

LE LAC « Luong Son »
De temps en temps, j’ai l’occasion de revenir voir ce lac immense auquel j’avais donné un nom vietnamien : « Ho Luong Son », ce qui traduit son nom d’origine : « Lac de Deux Montagnes » / « Lake Two Mountains ».
Chaque fois quand je le revois, il me donne toujours une source d’énergie et une profonde inspiration, quel que soit le moment du jour : matin ou soir, ou la saison : hiver, été, automne ou printemps.
Il y eut des moments où je suis resté longtemps au bord du lac pour contempler l’immensité paisible de cette étendue d’eau et du ciel. Maintes fois, en hiver par moins trente degrés centigrades dehors, je l’ai traversé en voiture en empruntant le « pont de glace », le nom donné au passage bordé de petits sapins entre la rive d’Oka (Québec) et la rive de Hudson (Québec) à deux kilomètres de l’autre côté du lac. Fréquemment, je me suis promené en raquettes sur ce lac, lorsque qu’une épaisse couche de neige fraîche recouvrait la glace. Un soir d’automne, je l’ai traversé en bateau alors qu’il était violemment agité par une forte tempête. Pour moi, ce lac est à la fois mystérieux et inoubliable : il est le lieu de naissance du Viet-Tai-Chi et de tant d’autres enseignements pendant les huit années de création intensive et de réflexion passées sur son rivage. Revoir ce lac me donne une force inexplicable !
Phan Hoang (25-08-2011)




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POST 214 – August 22, 2015

In this Post 214:
-The Nebra Sky Disk
-Quotation: Albert Camus; Darwin
-Pictures: Graffiti in Montreal; Groups: from Alex Cao-Thanh; Chiaro di Luna
A few weeks ago (July 2015) masters Edio Tue-Chu and Yva Tue-Y, and Dr. Marcella Catoni have visited the State Museum of History in Halle (Germany). From there we received a beautiful postcard with the image of the NEBRA SKY DISK (see picture).
I found on the web/wikipedia the following details: the Nebra sky disk is a bronze disk of around 30 cm diameter and a weight of 2.2 kg, with a blue-green patina and inlaid with gold symbols. These are interpreted generally as a sun or full moon, a lunar crescent, and stars (including a cluster interpreted as the Pleiades). Two golden arcs along the sides, marking the angle between the solstices, were added later. A final addition was another arc at the bottom surrounded with multiple strokes. The disk is attributed to a site near Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt, in Germany, and associatively dated to c. 1600 BC. The Nebra sky disk features the oldest concrete depiction of the cosmos worldwide. In June 2013 it was included in the UNESCO's Memory of the World Register and termed "one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th century."
The disk, two bronze swords, two hatchets, a chisel, and fragments of spiral bracelets were discovered in 1999 by Henry Westphal and Mario Renner while they were treasure-hunting with a metal detector. Archaeological artefacts are the property of the state in Saxony-Anhalt. The hunters were operating without a license and knew their activity constituted looting and was illegal. They damaged the disk with their spade and destroyed parts of the site. The next day, Westphal and Renner sold the entire hoard for 31,000 DM to a dealer in Cologne. The hoard changed hands within Germany over the next two years, being sold for up to a million DM. By 2001 knowledge of its existence became public. In February 2002 the state archaeologist Harald Meller acquired the disk in a police-led sting operation in Basel from a couple who had put it on the black market for 700,000 DM. The original finders were eventually traced. In a plea bargain, they led police and archaeologists to the discovery site. Archaeologists opened a dig at the site and uncovered evidence that supports the looters' claims. There are traces of bronze artefacts in the ground, and the soil at the site matches soil samples found clinging to the artefacts.
The two looters received sentences of four months and ten months, respectively, in September 2003. They appealed, but the appeals court actually raised their sentences to six and twelve months, respectively.
My thoughts
First of all I want to thank, Marcella, Yva and Edio for having sent me this nice and instructive postcard.
Certainly, with more and more contributions as we have recently received, our learning model (Vietchi Collaborative Learning and Teaching) will grow faster and will bring all of us to a much wider horizon than the traditional boundaries of learning. As always, your contribution, no matter it could be a spontaneous letter, a picture taken anywhere, or a brief report, is much appreciated.
The NEBRA SKY DISK, a really beautiful piece of art dated back to 1600 BC, cause us to think about the level of technology of these people and the oldest depiction of the cosmos worldwide at that so distant time. Seeing this disk on the postcard made me think to the prehistoric monument Stonehenge in England.  Possibly it is the oldest calculator to chart the movements of the sun, moon, and planets. This astronomical observatory was built by Indo-Europeans who invaded the island, according to James Tracer in his book The People’s Chronology.  
I consider Stonehenge a great site among a number of important sacred places in the world you should visit before you die.


Graffiti in Montreal


-from Chiaro di Luna (Italy)

-from Alex Cao-Thanh (France)

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POST 213 August 09 2015 Continuing Great Summer - CYCLADES ISLANDS STORMS- Piotr Tue-Chuong VIETCHIDAO POLAND -Past Post 119 COPENHAGEN

POST 213 – August 09, 2015

Cyclades Islands
The 220 Cyclades islands are located in the south of Greece and the most famous islands are Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini. Many of the Cyclades islands are not easy to reach. Recently master Tue-Chuong Piotr  (Vietchidao Poland) and his team have explored this area by boat;  many hours under terrifying storms! We share with you his letter and some pictures received via email 03 August 2015.

Aug 03, 2015
Dear Master Phan Hoang,

Thank you for your teaching during Spring sessions. We are very happy and satisfied. 

After your departure I sailed the Cyclades Islands with Dr Marcin, singer Andrzej and  a few friends. First days weather was very nice, but the next days we had storm. We spend two days with storm. One day we sail in a storm of Beaufort scale 8 with four - five meter high waves passing through our yacht. In this moment all crew working very hard - everyone understood that 3 or 4 seconds is time to make the right decision. Otherwise we will get in problem to survive. After 6 hours the storm calmed down . Next day, again, we sailed 10 hours inside storm. It was very windy. We lost one sail , fortunately a port was not at too long distance :-) . During a storm there is no safe place, no one will find asylum against the power of nature - everyone must do everything to survive. The storm is the danger in which you can get to know yourself and others.
My conclusion: people get to know their strength when they start to fear for their life.

Piotr Tuệ-Chương

PAST POST  03 to 10 AUG. 2013

POST 119 from 03 to 10 August 2013:


01-07 JULY 2013:   CANADA DAY

   First July is the CANADA DAY -Fête du Canada. This morning I went to downtown walking from the long Rideau Street up to the Parliament Hill with my camera firmly in hand. Here are some pictures to share with you. In some sense, I hope, they could reflect the Canadian ambience and our national spirit. You could see that many Canadians proudly wear the Canadian flag, and this is not common in many other countries.

I thought, if you wish to get a sense on the national spirit of any country, the best way is to visit that country on its National Day.
Some countries in the world take this opportunity to show their military power. Then we understand that the source of their national pride lays upon their capacity in war. Other countries prefer organizing their National Day in a peaceful way, a way to share common values, love and respect, in an ambience of festivities.

I thought it would have been wonderful if I could  have you walking side by side with me from the Rideau street up to the Parliament Hill on this day of first July in Ottawa. You know, it would be an unforgettable experience.   (charles phan hoang)