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POST 213 August 09 2015 Continuing Great Summer - CYCLADES ISLANDS STORMS- Piotr Tue-Chuong VIETCHIDAO POLAND -Past Post 119 COPENHAGEN

POST 213 – August 09, 2015

Cyclades Islands
The 220 Cyclades islands are located in the south of Greece and the most famous islands are Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini. Many of the Cyclades islands are not easy to reach. Recently master Tue-Chuong Piotr  (Vietchidao Poland) and his team have explored this area by boat;  many hours under terrifying storms! We share with you his letter and some pictures received via email 03 August 2015.

Aug 03, 2015
Dear Master Phan Hoang,

Thank you for your teaching during Spring sessions. We are very happy and satisfied. 

After your departure I sailed the Cyclades Islands with Dr Marcin, singer Andrzej and  a few friends. First days weather was very nice, but the next days we had storm. We spend two days with storm. One day we sail in a storm of Beaufort scale 8 with four - five meter high waves passing through our yacht. In this moment all crew working very hard - everyone understood that 3 or 4 seconds is time to make the right decision. Otherwise we will get in problem to survive. After 6 hours the storm calmed down . Next day, again, we sailed 10 hours inside storm. It was very windy. We lost one sail , fortunately a port was not at too long distance :-) . During a storm there is no safe place, no one will find asylum against the power of nature - everyone must do everything to survive. The storm is the danger in which you can get to know yourself and others.
My conclusion: people get to know their strength when they start to fear for their life.

Piotr Tuệ-Chương

PAST POST  03 to 10 AUG. 2013

POST 119 from 03 to 10 August 2013:


01-07 JULY 2013:   CANADA DAY

   First July is the CANADA DAY -Fête du Canada. This morning I went to downtown walking from the long Rideau Street up to the Parliament Hill with my camera firmly in hand. Here are some pictures to share with you. In some sense, I hope, they could reflect the Canadian ambience and our national spirit. You could see that many Canadians proudly wear the Canadian flag, and this is not common in many other countries.

I thought, if you wish to get a sense on the national spirit of any country, the best way is to visit that country on its National Day.
Some countries in the world take this opportunity to show their military power. Then we understand that the source of their national pride lays upon their capacity in war. Other countries prefer organizing their National Day in a peaceful way, a way to share common values, love and respect, in an ambience of festivities.

I thought it would have been wonderful if I could  have you walking side by side with me from the Rideau street up to the Parliament Hill on this day of first July in Ottawa. You know, it would be an unforgettable experience.   (charles phan hoang)

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