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POST 172 19OCT2014 VIETCHIDAO Hoanh-Son Southern Mountain- NGUYEN BINH KHIEM Santorini

POST 172 19OCT2014 VIETCHIDAO Hoanh-Son Southern Mountain- NGUYEN BINH KHIEM Santorini

In this  POST 172 you will find 
-A form called Hoanh-Son/Southern Mountain
 by g.m. Charles Phan Hoang 
-Story of NGUYEN BINH KHIEM (16th century)
-Pictures of Santorini from Master Paola

POST 172,  October 18, 2014
The training form  

From this Post 172, and for eight coming posts, you will find a set of movements part of the important form: HOANH SON Quyen which could be executed in both styles: gentle and slow or dynamic and clear cut.
Historical facts. During the last part of the 16th century Vietnam was in chaos situation: King Mac, Lord Trinh, and Lord Nguyen were fighting against each other for gaining the power. On that background a great master appeared: Master NGUYEN BINH-KHIEM (1491-1581). He was the master for all the three antagonists, author of many writings, and especially a book called Sấm Trạng Trình which is considered by some people a book of advices on strategy while many people believe, so far, it is a Vietnamese equivalent book to ‘Nostradamus’. Up to our time NGUYEN BINH-KHIEM is venerated as an Immortal in the Buddhist Sect CAO-DAI.

Story and legend. NGUYEN HOANG  was a brilliant officer serving in the army of Lord TRINH-KIEM who was his brother-in-law. Lord TRINH-KIEM was aware of the possibility that later NGUYEN HOANG  will challenge his authority, therefore Lord TRINH was awaiting for an opportunity to eliminate his potential opponent. Facing this great danger NGUYEN HOANG  called on master BINH-KHIEM for advice. On that meeting the master did not say a word but pointing his forefinger to the south, beyond these mountains, then waved his forefinger three times before stopping and drawing a lateral line.  NGUYEN HOANG  then understood that the master told him to go far away to take refuge behind the Lateral Mountain Hoanh-Son. And then after what will he have to do? The master still did not say anything, he just gave him a book and motioned him to go. Following the advice of his master NGUYEN HOANG went south with his family and a number of followers. He seriously applied the knowledge and strategy gained from the book of the master and later became a Lord NGUYEN.  Generations after, one of his descendent became King GIA-LONG founder of the NGUYEN Dynasty (1881-1945).  

According to popular oral-history the advice of master BINH-KHIEM was in this saying:

“Hoành Sơn nhất đái, vạn đại dung thân’ = One Transverse  Mountain can protect many generations.

It is believed that the original copy of his book is still to be preserved at a pagoda known under a code name ‘CHUA MAI’, somewhere in North Vietnam.

charles phan hoang, October 2014

NOTE: Each movement has a meaning, a guideline for a better life. In this Set 1: Sincerity and Purity are  two virtues to be truth. Deep breathing while executing these movements, several times during 3 minutes.  

 Santorini (Greek: Σαντορίνη).
in English Santorini is known by Thera.
It is a beautiful island 
about 200 km (120 mi) southeast 
of Greece's mainland.

Pictures of Santorini from Master Paola         






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