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POST 229 05DEC2015 EXERCISE BIEN-THU Turning the enemy Strategy- Phan hoang.

POST 229 05DEC2015 
-EXERCISE BIEN-THU Turning the enemy
-Method Tham-Cong  Deep Training

POST 229–05DEC 2015 

Post 229 05DEC2015
EXERCISE: Biến-Thù. See pictures in this Post 229.
FOCUS: Strengthening upper-body, and stance trung-bình-tân (horseman/rainbow posture).
METHOD: Thâm-Công/ Deep Training . We continue to apply the method Tham-Cong to this exercise Biến-Thù. Thâm-Công is a method of training using slow motion when executing a specific exercise
In order to develop deep physical force and mind concentration.  In Thâm-Công method slow motion is only a supporting technique for the deep work behind the movement; the speed could vary according to the state of the mind, the breathing, and the mobilization of inner energy. The most valuable benefit of this method is in improving endurance and immunity.
BREATHING:  Breathing technique in this exercise is a combined of lung-breathing and belly-breathing.
MEANING: Biến means changing, moving, turning; Thù means enemy. Biến-Thù means How to get rid of an enemy.
MIND: This is not only a physical training but more importantly a way of Strategy in life.
TIME: Minimum 9 times. For advanced training: add a multiple of 3 (3x4= 12; 3x5= 15; 3x6= 18, ..., 3x18= 54, etc.)
MOTTO: Showing Strength and Honesty.


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