Saturday, March 4, 2017

POST 290 05FEB2017 LANZAROTE -VIETCHIBONG Art of Stick- Ananda Temple in Burma

POST 290 05FEB2017 

 -Ananda Temple in Burma
-VIETCHIBONG Art of Stick-

POST 290 , 05FEB2017

POST 290 Lanzarote 170227
Often called 'Island of Eternal Spring' Lanzarote is a Spanish island, the easternmost of the autonomous Canary Islands. With 141,938 inhabitants, Lanzarote is the third-most populous island of the Canary Islands, after Tenerife and Gran Canaria. The dimensions of the island are 60 kilometres from north to south and 25 kilometres. Lanzarote has 213 kilometres of coastline, of which 10 kilometresare sand, 16.5 kilometres (10 miles) are beach.
We have received many pictures from Binh Lam Paola, here attached.

End of Post 290

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