Sunday, June 25, 2017

POST 306 24JUNE2017 Exercise THIEN HA (The Milky Way) - Pictures Master Tue-Ho Anselmo from Brazil

POST 306 24JUNE2017 
Pictures Master Tue-Ho Anselmo from Brazil
Exercise THIEN- HA Celestial River (The Milky Way) 

POST 305 , 24 JUNE 2017
-We have received some pictures
from Master Tue-Ho Anselmo who is building a temple in Brazil. Bravo! (already 20 years or so when Tue-Ho Anselmo came for the first time attending the Summer Intensive Training Sessions in Cestas, France. We were almost a hundred participants; rare videos and  pictures are still kept in archives by masters Tue-Chu Edio and Tue-Thu Francis)

-In this Post 305 you can find the nice
Exercise THIEN-HA which means Celestial River -The Milky Way- (Think about its  greatness when you are tired with so many small issues that disturb your life daily.)
-We are now in early Summer, enjoy everything!
Life is exciting!


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