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POST 308 22JULY2017 A SURPRISING STORY Nature Art Searching for the Way

POST 308 22JULY2017 
Nature Art:

Searching for the Way

POST 308 , 21JULY2017

In our day to day activities, facing a problem or a situation, we often make superficial assumption and quickly adopt our point of view or point out who could be the culprit for some wrongdoing. This happens because our mind in this case follows the logical reasoning we are used to apply and sometimes it could miss the reality. So the best way to limit error is to train ourselves for having the habit to counter any answer our brain first offers to us, then check out other possibilities.

Early this morning unexpectedly I found a nice story and I want to share it with you as follows.

For the longest time, homeowners and visitors to the quiet suburban street, which is tucked in behind Innes Road, were  wondering how and why the side view mirrors on their cars were being smashed to pieces.'  "Nobody could figure out what they had done wrong to make somebody break their mirrors, or why someone would do this to their cars and trucks," says Paul Graham
who lives on the street.
As the weeks passed, the vandalism continued and the locals' frustration continued to mount because replacing a side view mirror costs more than a couple of bucks and driving without one is extremely difficult and against the law.  Insurance claims were the norm for those unlucky residents of Beechmont Crescent and they wanted answers.

The culprit was discovered one morning purely by accident when Graham's neighbour was walking to his car.  To his surprise the vandal wasn't an individual, or even a group of wrongdoers, but rather a what, which came in the form of a rather large woodpecker. The normally tree-dwelling bird would land on an unsuspecting and innocent vehicle, see its reflection in the mirror and wage a personal war against its perceived enemy by pecking at it with its chisel-like beak until it disappeared. "At first I didn't believe it I thought my neighbour was pulling my leg but he said he took a picture and has proof that it's a woodpecker causing all the commotion on our street" remembers Graham.  It's human nature to be a tad sceptical when hearing such a tale, but Graham was starting to become a believer when he saw the photo. He was all-in after the not-so-friendly feathered friend turned his own side mirror into a hollow plastic shell and a pile of broken glass near the curb. Apparently the destructive scoundrel would go into attack  mode early in the morning before most  people are up. The early bird was not only getting his share of worms in the morning, but a row of several new mirrors to lay his beak into. The woodpecker's hit list continued to rise and the number of damaged vehicles swelled to nine….
(source:  The Orleans Star, July 20, 2017; by Mike Beasley)

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