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POST 362 30SEP2018 EXECISE SANG-SONG Crossing the River -LOOKING BACK- Nature Art CALLING

POST 362 30SEP2018
-Nature Art CALLING 
-EXECISE SANG-SONG Crossing the River

POST 362 30 Sept. 2018
From The Thursday Messenger

180125 “Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” SWQ
(SWQ: Safest Way of Quoting)

POST 362  30September 2018

                           The Royal Oak
                                        Wellington Street, Westboro
                                        15 June 2018

 No matter how old and how rich you are, what really matters is you are in good health and good spirit to enjoy life. Summer is coming soon, the weather right now is just wonderful: not too hot, not too chilly; blue sky, flowers everywhere. I heard some good  music played around.
I remember, at this same period, last year I was enjoying a walk on the small path from Sangano to the next town in Italy; ten years ago I was in Kazakhstan teaching to a new program for people who had known well the Soviet Regime. Seventeen years ago I discovered the Lake de Guadalupe in Mexico and the volcano Popocatepetl, I loved the flowers of jacaranda, the light violet flowers that cover this mysterious country in spring. Twenty five years ago, I came to Butare in Rwanda. One day, after my class I went to explore a wood near the University of Butare, and I got lost! I was so scared hearing some sounds from the wood…  is there any lion or leopard there? (in fear I asked myself )
Today, sitting here and looking back there I feel that life has been really nice and generous to me. Yes, I am…
Charles Phan Hoang 


A mantra to praise the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore = Crossing the River/Sang Song.

END OF POST 362 30SEPT2018

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