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POST 440 21MARCH2020 -ITALIE ETERNELLE Charles Phan Hoang- INNER TRAINING Luyen Gong - Five Elements
 Post 440 21March 2020

In this Post you will find

- WRITING. Italie Eternelle

  Internal Training  Luyen Gong
  The Five Elements
-SHARING. Pipes and Drums

POST 440                                              21 March 2020
      Charles Phan Hoang

"Non dimenticherò mai
Questo giorno d'inverno
È stata subdolamente attaccata
Gravemente ferita
Da lontano, dal Canada, ho pianto
Sopraffatto dal dolore profondo
Ma mi alzo subito
in piedi, puntando il dito verso est
L'Italia vincerà!
Sconfiggerai tutte questi corona!
Perché ti amo, l’Italia
Dove ho così tanti amici…."

(17.03.2020 - GM Charles Phan Hoang)


Je n’oublierai jamais 
Ce jour sombre d’hiver   
Elle fut sournoisement attaquée   
Grièvement blessée   
De loin, du Canada, j’ai pleuré  
Envahi d’une profonde douleur  
Mais je me ressaisis aussitôt  
Debout, pointant mon doigt vers l’est  
L’Italie vaincra!  
Tu vaincras tous ces coronas!  
Car je t’aime, l’Italie
J’y ai tant d’amis…  
      Phan Hoang, Mars 2020 

 POST  425                                 07 December 2019

Doing the contraction training of Nhat-Luyen-Gong you will notice some physiological reactions of your body as indicated below.
-Increase the body’s temperature
-Increase the blood pressure
-Increase the blood flow
-Affect the heart rate
-Stimulate the whole body
This is a very dynamic exercise that requires some level of physical effort. So caution is advisable: Be careful, don’t go over your limit!

 POST  425                                 07 December 2019

The names of five exercises in Nhat-Luyen-Gong  correspond to the well-known names of Five Elements: 1.KIM, Iron; 2.THUY, Water; 3.MOC, Wood; 4.HOA, Fire; 5.THO, Earth

However for the purpose of this contraction practice the following symbol for each exercise is to be understood as follows:
Exercise 1. Father.
Exercise 2. Mother.
Exercise 3. Friends
Exercise 4. Critical Thinking
Exercise 5. Love.
 POST  425                                 07 December 2019

Our mind has a great influence on our life. So each one of these five exercises does contain a thought for mind reference in our training. The original teaching is embedded in the following Vietnamese poem from which we will try to adapt the meaning for each exercise, in the context of this Post 425.
  Trời cao đất rộng là cha
   Đại dương tuyệt diệu ấy là mẹ tôi
   Bạn bè chung thủy trọn đời
   Chân tâm xâu thẳm rạng ngời tuệ quan
   Tình yêu chân thật vô vàn
   Sống trong nhân loại biết nhường biết tha./. ’’
Exercise 1 (Father). The immensity of the sky teaches me, like a father, vision and direction. 
  Trời cao đất rộng là cha

Exercise 2 (Mother). The wonderful ocean shows me, like a mother, how generous life is.
 Đại dương tuyệt diệu ấy là mẹ tôi

Exercise 3 (Friends).  Towards friends and companions I want to affirm my deep loyalty.
 Bạn bè chung thủy trọn đời   

Exercise 4 (Critical thinking). Critical thinking is a hard way that helps me to discover the truth in life. 
   Chân tâm xâu thẳm rạng ngời tuệ quan

Exercise 5 (Love). Sincerity in love is the nature of my heart; knowing to forgive is my way of life.    
   Tình yêu chân thật vô vàn
   Sống trong nhân loại biết nhường biết tha

    POST 440                                 

POST 440

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