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POST 447 09MAY2020 Vietchidao Exercise Tho Phoi LUNG BREATHING

  POST  447   09 May  2020



More than ever, in this corona pandemic 2020, the practice of breathing exercises is crucial for health improvement.
There are five METHODS OF BREATHING which are the foundation to a great number of breathing exercises. From this Post 447 we will present for five consecutive weeks (Post 447 to Post 451) the five Methods of Breathing which are

1-LUNG Breathing
2-BELLY Breathing
3-LUNG-BELLY Breathing
4-CHEST Breathing
5-SHOULDER Breathing

The question is not about knowing these exercises because a number of you have already learned it through our past Posts, the important thing is DOING IT. Please do your exercise every day to the great benefit for health and wellness.

Wishing you all the best.

  POST  447  09 May  2020



METHOD THO-PHOI /LUNG-BREATHING is the first of five basic methods of breathing that any Black Belt should know.
This method focuses on the natural breathing of the lungs with deep and powerful respiration. Please see the attached picture to do this exercise

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POST 200 – May 02, 2015

In this Post 200: 

-RECTITUDE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, RIGHT TIMING are  themes for reflection.

QUOTATIONS for Blog 200
*Rectitude requires right action; right action needs right timing. (Charles Steven Hogan)
*… it is their duty to do what is proper, without considering what may be agreeable. (charles james fox)
*I know not whether, in the eyes of the world, a brilliant death is not preferred to an obscure life of Rectitude. Most men are remembered as they died, and not as they lived. We gaze with admiration upon the glories of the setting sun, yet scarcely bestow a passing glance upon its noonday splendor.(davy crockett)
*The most dangerous diminutions of freedom come from those who are convinced of their moral. (daniel hannan) 
*Never do a thing concerning the Rectitude of which you are in doubt.

  SANTA FE - New Mexico - USA

I came back visiting Santa Fe in April this year (2015). 
This place is the nation's oldest capital city with a record of 400 years old and it is a unique blend of Anglo, Spanish and Native Cultures in America.  
Although this is a small city, right in a desert, it has however everything to attract many people coming from all over America. I could say that this is a magical, exuberant place and a surprising city.  I walked that afternoon around the central place and wandered through theses streets full of nice shops and art galleries, enjoying everything under a blue sky. The next day early morning, before our faculty meeting, I walked along the Santa Fe River and found a quiet place to do my favorite exercise Hoanh-Son, the Transverse Mountain. When I finished it I discovered that on a high branch of a nearby tree a crow had been observing me, and I am very proud of it because I did not seem to make him be afraid of me. A got a friend! 
Santa Fe will fascinate and inspire you with so many attracting museums,  restaurants, coffee shops, souvenir shops, art galleries and a great number of very beautiful sculptures.  This is really a city of sculptures and music. Three excellent orchestras for a so small city! 
We do not forget that Santa Fe is the home town of Santa Fe Institute, a very prestigious national research center which has welcomed a great number of Nobel laureates and world-class researchers. The famous research center Los Alamos is just 45 minutes away from Santa Fe.  
In this Post 200/Santa Fe, Part One, I'd like to share with you a number of pictures from my recent trip to this haven. Please look forward, next week, Post 201, will be Part Two.
Charles Phan Hoang, May 2015

                                                            END POST 447  

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