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We know that listening to music can improve our well-being and boost our spirit. So I thought, maybe it’s interesting to find a way helping you discover some aspects of the world of Vietnamese Music in case you are curious enough to try it. The simplest way is to select some good links on the Web and share it with you through this weekly blog.


Today, March 20, 2021, I will start with the Guitar of Vo-Thuong, a famous Vietnamese guitarist. In the link below you will find a musical collection of well-known Vietnamese songs to discover.

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                                                   DEEP TRAINING 



(STORY /PART TWO  19 March 2021)



       by Charles Phan Hoang, Canada, March 08, 2021

(PART TWO  19 March 2021)

… Immediately, the young man pulled out a gun and pointed it at the guardian. With a surprising calm, the guardian did not lower his stick and asked the young man what he wanted. He told the young man that his gun had no effect on him, asserting that he was not afraid to die and that death would be a blessing that would free him from the terrible suffering of an old age. Besides, said the guardian, if you take one more step forward, I will hit you with my stick and you will have to kill me: I will be released from this suffering life and you will go to jail. Nothing interests me anymore in this life. Tell me what you want I will listen to you before I kill myself by jumping from the top of this tower. I have had enough of the suffering from an incurable disease. So the young man asked the keeper: where is the treasure? Upon that, the guardian slowly nodded then calmly explained: it's quite complicated to locate the treasure.  But let's take, as a landmark, the entrance gate of the castle. From there you have to go straight forward for a hundred paces, then turn left. After these words, the guardian paused to catch his breath then he continued: In fact, I could have taken possession of this treasure for myself,  but my honesty and my dignity forbade me to steal the descendants of my master, and moreover the money would be useless to me since I am going to die. After a long cough, the guardian slowly resumed his talk: I can tell you the place of the treasure but there is a problem because after my death people will come and spit on my grave, they will believe that I gave in out of weakness for fear of your gun. All my life I have had the reputation of being a man of integrity, honesty and not being afraid of anything. Now if you let me throw myself from this tower the police will charge you with murder for pushing me off the tower and you will spend years in jail but for me I just want to free myself from this suffering life.

After listening to the guardian, the young man remained motionless, unsure of what to do. Calmly, the guard continued: I will give you all the remaining details to find the treasure but first lend me your gun because I want to kill myself with your gun immediately after, so you will not be accused of murder and I will leave this life without pain; slowly the guard reached out to the young man and the young man handed him his gun and waited to listen for the rest of the secret. Then a gunshot was heard and the young man collapsed.

Charles Phan Hoang, Canada, March 08, 2021


(PART ONE  12 March 2021) The “Mont des Fées” has a rather romantic name, but in fact there is nothing special to come and visit it. However, at its foot, not far from the town of this area, are the ruins of an old castle. In the Middle-Ages it was a magnificent castle but the wars and the effects of erosion over the centuries have done their works and now from the ruins of this castle remains only a fairly high and impressive tower.

Although the castle is rather in ruins, there still is a guardian present in the tower. The guardian is a respectable old man who stands up straight and has a very alert gait. He still wears, with a marked dignity, his guardian uniform with his embroidered cap, although the faded colors of his cap and his clothes show the long effect of time. Rarely the inhabitants of this area cross him in town. But those who pass by the path which runs along the ruins of the castle often see him at the top of the tower as if he were observing the movements of troops which could attack the castle! According to the belief of people around there, a great treasure is hidden in these ruins. The old guardian, at his advanced age, is a faithful servant who waits in vain for the return of the successors of his former master.

One day, when he was at the top of the tower, he saw a young man coming towards him climbing the steps. When the young man was two steps before he reached the terrace at the top of the tower, the guardian, brandishing his stick, ordered him not to climb further. Immediately, the young man pulled out a gun and pointed it at the guardian (TO BE CONTINUED on 19 March 2021)









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