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POST 311 12AUG2017 TRUE MIND Exercise Chan-Tam. Pictures ROSIGNANO Nature Art Where am I?

POST 311 12 AUG 2017
-Nature Art Where am I?
-Exercise Chan-Tam. 



POST 311 – 12AUG2017

The Vietnamese term Chân-Tâm could be rendered in English, for the purposes of our exercises, as True Mind, the Unfettered Mind; the mind released from restraint or inhibition.

In our Post 253 I have stated that TRUE MIND (Chân-Tâm) is one subject among the most discussed subjects in the circles of Zen practice and Zen philosophy. Let people continue to discuss their way; we assume, for the purpose of our training, that True Mind could be the mind of vision, the mind which could help us see beyond the limit of what is presented to us: See the real nature of things.

In this Post 311 I would like to add that the True Mind is the mind that could not be affected by the changing environment around us; it is the real nature of our mind which helps us having correct vision.

Standing in front of the ocean in a day of strong wind we see high waves that change the aspect of the ocean. Waves change, but the water of the ocean is unchanged.

I hope you will enjoy exercising the Posture Chan Tam attached to this message and I  wish you a continuing great summer 2017
g.m phan hoang


 ROSIGNANO MARITTIMO is a very nice municipality in the region of Tuscany, Italy.
I have been there several time.
The following pictures are from Binh-Lam Paola to share with you.

 END POST 311 12 AUGUST 2017

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