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POST 347 02JUNE2018

-GENO, the first step.
-Pictures Genoa 2006
POST 347 02June 2018
-Intensive Training Sessions

(June 02, 2018)
I am back at home after a long travel in Europe during the last month of May. All of our international training sessions have been very successful in Italy and in France with the cooperation of eight Teachers who assisted me in several fields. I’d like to express here my great thanks to them. Here are the fields we have covered with intensive training sessions in last May:

-Red-Belt exceptional training and Transmission of HONG-DAI NGUYEN Quyen
-The supremacy of Thien Long Quyen /Sky Dragon
-VoViet Quyen /Tam-Luoc techniques
-Noi-cong: Tan-Vien-Cong, Bao-Moc and Equinox exercises
-The strategy of Than-Xa /Sacred Snake
-Viet-Chi-Vat grappling art: combat techniques.
-Dieu-Bo The Group of ‘Birds’
-Bong-Phap Soc-Son the eight methods and techniques of  the Stick.
-Bat-Nha The Heart Sutra in action.


POST 347 02June 2018
-Genoa, the first step.

Twelve years ago, on the 1st of May 2006,
I came to Genoa. Alone, at the age of 70 while keeping a strong spirit of a young traveller as I was a long time ago, passionate for discovery and change. When I got out of the train station my view was caught by a nice monument in memory of Christopher Columbus who was born here, in the Republic of Genoa.

Five centuries ago Columbus explored a new world; and today I am now exploring an old country with the hope of discovering new things, from outside and from inside. I tried to forget the Italy I had known since early 1970s to see Italy today (2006) under a new way of thinking. Genoa is the starting point of my 12 year adventure which has gone far beyond the boundaries of Italy.

From Genoa I went to Pisa and La Spezia.  Later for twelve years my long road brought me to many other wonderful places in Italy such as Monterosso, Firenze,Trento, Bari, Roma, the island of Sicilia. Today, I cannot remember exactly how many dozens of teaching and training sessions around the world I have done under the new concept of teaching and learning since that day of 1st May 2006 in Genoa. While walking through this nice city I was reviewing the foundation and principles of the Arts, the Disciplines, I have founded, and I was reaffirming to myself my commitment to teach for the benefit of the learner beyond the boundaries of different ‘Schools’ which raise barrier to the discovery of the learner.

Soon after Genoa, in the city of La Spezia I conducted a training session to a group of teachers from very diverse background (Karate, Taekwondo, Kung-Fu, Taijiquan…). Before entering the training room I did not know any of them. Massimo, the one who helped in organizing this spontaneous training session, kindly introduced me to that group with the minimum information he had obtained a few days earlier, then I started my teaching with a very open mind. I found out that even for a group with so diverse background, there is always a space of common interest that each one would like to learn or to discover. So my role was to come forward and offer a large range of choices to them. In order to do that we simply need to have the conviction that true friendship is beyond the boundaries of ‘Schools’.  

Today I want to remember Genoa with some pictures taken 12 years ago from my archives to share with you. Enjoy!
Charles Phan Hoang (June 02, 2018)

END OF POST 347 02JUNE 2018

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