Saturday, March 23, 2019

POST 387 23MAR2019 ENNA - Exercise 08 revision

POST 387   March 23, 2019
(We have received from L.M the following message and a translation of a sutra. Many thanks. )

Today ( Jan. 23, 2019),  11 accidents took place from Kingston to Prescott.  The first time, today I felt the most dangerous road condition in my 30 years of defensive driving experience. Wet, rain, foggy and black ice is mingled on the road. From Prescott to Ottawa it is colder and snow on road but better, at least there is grey on one lane so I could drive 80-90 km/h, and I well maneuvered it home. (L.M)   

Gotama Buddha.
(Extracted text from a way of peace and happiness)

All being are the owners of their deeds
They are the heirs of their deeds.
Their deeds are the womb from which they spring.
With their deeds they are bound up.
Their deeds are their refuge.
Whatever deeds they do - good or bad 
Of such they will be the heir.
It is the karma which makes the world go round.
Karma keeps moving on the lives of men.
All beings to karma are bound
As a linchpin to the chariot wheel.
Mind is the forerunner of all conditions.
Mind is chief, all things are mind- made.
If one acts or speaks with an evil mind,
Then ill effects will flow, just as the wheel
Of the cart follows the hoof of the ox that pulls it.
But if one acts or speaks with a pure, wholesome mind,
Then happiness and ease follow that person
Just as shadow which never leaves him
Neither in the sky, nor in mid ocean, nor a mountain cave,
Is found that place on earth where, living, 
One can escape from the consequences of an evil deed.




Inner Energy training for
three organs (liver, spleen, kidneys)

Method of breathing. In this exercise there are three movements  as shown in the corresponding pictures. The breathing method of this exercise is still the Tho-Phoi-Bung/ Lung-Abdomen- Breathing but executed more slowly to stimulate the three organs liver, spleen and kidneys.


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