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POST 427 21DEC2019 MERRY CHRISTMAS Deep Training -HAEIN SA South Korea 1983

  21 DECEMBER 2019
  POST  427                               

In this Post you will find

-LEARNING: Bat Nha The Heart Sutra

-DOCUMENT:TINH LUOC, Origine, Text, Drawings

-PICTURES: HAEIN SA temple 1983
POST  427                        21 December 2019 
TINH LƯỢC Quyền / Origine

TINH LUOC Quyen (full name: “Bat-Nha TINH LUOC Quyen”) is an important quyen (Kata) in Vietchidao Black Belt program for body-and-mind training. This form is the first part of a series of exercises called BAT-NHA QUYEN-MON.
BAT-NHA QUYEN-MON has been created by Master Phan Hoang in 1983 during his stay at the Buddhist temple HAEIN-SA, South Korea. It is a series of body exercises coupled with philosophical lyrics inspired by the teachings of the sutra BAT NHA TAM KINH (the Heart Sutra,  Prajnaparamitta Hrdaya Sutra). The lyrics aim at guiding mental training along with physical exercises. They have their own meaning and should not be taken as a translation of the Heart Sutra.  That said, you will find in the TINH LUOC seven sequences with their corresponding “lyrics” as in the following text.
POST  427                        21 December 2019 
TINH LƯỢC Quyền / Text

TINH LƯỢC Quyền / Text
The Innermost Wisdom/ The Highest Way of Wisdom
(NOTE: The Vietnamese text below is only for reference, it is not a translation)
(Ref. : Ma-ha bát-nhã ba-la-mật-đa  tâm kinh)

B.-Learning from Great Sages, we practice Deep Meditation through Action (Ref.: Quán tự tại   bồ-tát hành  thâm bát-nhã-ba-la-mật đa)

C.-Thus, we know that the ultimate nature of all things is rooted in Emptiness. (Ref. : Thời chiếu-kiến ngũ-uẩn giai không)

D.-Knowing this helps us overcome all hardships and sufferings. (Ref. : Độ nhất-thiết khổ ách)

E.-Friends! All things in the world, tangible or intangible, exist by comparison  (Ref. : Xá-lợi-tử sắc-bất-dị-không,  không-bất-dị-sắc)

F.-Thus, by inter-connection, they share the same root .   (Ref. : Sắc-tức-thị-không,    không-tức-thị-sắc)

G.-Be wise, seeing the Real Nature of things beyond the illusion of
Feeling, Cognition, Action, and Awareness. (Ref. :  Thọ-tưởng-hành-thức  diệc-phục-như-thị)

                                                   (End of TINH LUOC Text )
                                                                     Phan Hoang, Post 427 Dec.20, 2019
POST  427                        21 December 2019 

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