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POST 434 08FEB2020 The Jade Mountain -Exercises 13-15, Revision Ha Thu Autumn, Master Phan Hoang

POST 434 08FEB2020 The Jade Mountain -Exercises 13-15, Revision Ha Thu Autumn

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  POST 434   08 Feb. 2020                    

In this Post you will find

-LEARNING. The Jade Mountain (continued) 
-EXERCISE. Ngoc Dinh No 13, 14, 15
-PICTURE. Folk Painting No 02
-SHARING. Polite Advanced English
-REVISION. Ha Thu No 01,02

  POST  434                            08 February 2020
In this Post 434 you will find the Exercises 13-15 of the form NGOC DINH / The Jade Mountain.

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13   Climbing the Jade Mountain
14   You will find your true original nature
15   Get rid of any worries

 13   Nhìn gương Núi Ngọc
14   Ngộ được chân tâm
15   Rũ hết bụi trần
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Post 434  Story of The Jade Mountain (continued)

After a terrifying night in the forest, under the sunlight the real beauty of nature was revealed. Our young man regained all his strength and confidence. His long wooden stick was now his only companion who would give him protection against tigers or snakes.
While walking, he observed the beauty of all kinds of flowers, many of which were very rare because it was the first time he saw them. He admired them with happiness.
While observing towards the top of the trees, he discovered a whole new universe, the universe of the birds with their melodious songs but also their struggle to survive in a ruthless world.      
The path climbed steeply up, again and again, turning around the mountain to facilitate its ascension. Yes, in the mountains as in life, the road to success is not always a direct one there are unexpected turns, difficult and even desperate climbs. But the top of the Jade Mountain was still there as a guide for our young man.

Finally, he reached the summit. From this summit, he saw the sky open without limits to infinity. He saw the ocean in the distance and down the beautiful green forest that covered the slopes of the Jade Mountain. Things remained the same but he now saw them differently. He felt a great happiness invading him, happiness born of the accomplishment of having overcome a challenge.          
He sat on a large jade rock and suddenly he saw the reflection of his face on the polished side like a mirror of another jade rock. He watched his image carefully and found that he had remained the same young man. Nothing had changed. His physical appearance remained the same but his mind was strengthened and now he felt able to overcome all the difficulties of life.

Back in his village, he saw the same village but his view of the village, the familiar landscapes, the life and the time that had passed had changed profoundly. Yet apparently things had remained the same, as he himself was. However, the villagers found that since his return from the Jade Mountain, they felt in his presence a mysterious power that emanated from him.    
When the villagers came to ask him to tell his trip to the Jade Mountain, he remained imperturbably silent, keeping for himself the secret of the Jade Mountain. /.

Charles Phan Hoang


    POST 434       08 Feb. 2020                                

POST 434

STOP saying I DON'T LIKE IT: Polite Advanced English Vocabulary




     Vietnamese Folk Painting No 02


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