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POST 433 01 FEB2020 Story Jade Mountain - Exercise 09 to 12 - Vietnamese Folk Painting - Paradox of the Ravens

 POST 433  01 February 2020

In this Post you will find

-LEARNING. Story of The Jade Mountain (continued)

-EXERCISE.  ND 09 to 12

-SHARING.The Paradox of the Ravens

  POST  433                            01 February 2020
In this Post 433 you will find the Exercises 09-12 of the form NGOC DINH / The Jade Mountain.


09   Five directions to explore
10   The path to the summit is spiral
11   The flowers are beautiful but sometimes dangerous
12   The songs of birds quiet us but diminish our alertness
09   Năm hướng ngũ-hành
10   Vòng tay leo núi
11   Ngàn hoa đua sắc
12   Chim choc ca vang

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Post 433  Story of The Jade Mountain (continued)

The Jade Mountain opened to the outside world by a small path visibly uncrowded. When the two young men arrived at the entrance of the path, they saw an old man sitting on a beautiful block of dark green stone. The man who was very old had no teeth left, his back was bent and his long white hair and beard were floating in the wind like clouds.   
The man discouraged them from going to explore this Jade Mountain. According to him, despite its beautiful landscapes and magical power, the mountain also offered dangers and terrifying scenes of struggle for life and fight against death.
To reach the summit, it was necessary to go through a large forest where fearsome animals, such as tigers, snakes and poisonous plants lived.     
The old man who had just passed the age of one hundred and twenty years told them that the stone block on which he was sitting gave him strength and made him feel happy even though this stone was only a small rock compared to huge blocks of jade that cover the top of the mountain.   
The discouraging advice of the old man shook the two young men. However, the thought of sitting on real big blocks of jade revived their fervor to continue their adventure.

As they went on the path, they saw on their right by the roadside a little hut in which lay a sick woman who was groaning in pain. She probably had a contagious disease and her family had put her in the forest away from her community. Sometimes in life painful situations push people to make decisions that break the heart.
They continued walking on the path and stopped at the foot of a tree to rest and eat some food that the women of the village had prepared for them.          
They ate in silence when one of them uttered an exclamation of surprise. The shell of a small pale blue egg had just fallen on his head. The man raised his head and saw a bird's nest on a branch of the tree above him. A birth had just occurred.

They continued their progress in the forest. As the sun began to decline, they met a young man coming from the opposite direction and walking at a fast pace. The young man was pale with fear. He told them that further up in the mountain there were ghosts and he was hurrying out.       
They listened attentively to the story of the young man but continued to advance towards the top of the mountain.

When it started to get dark, the wind began to blow very hard. The whistling of the wind through the branches of the trees was amplified by the echo of the mountain. It was as if an army of ghosts floated between the branches of the big trees screaming in a sinister way. It was terrifying.          
Suddenly, they heard the roar of a tiger in the distance. The tallest one of the two young men immediately took the initiative to climb a tree. He looked down with the intention of helping his friend to climb. Alas, his companion was gone! He managed to catch a glimpse of his figure running towards the exit of the path.     
His companion had abandoned him when danger became a reality. Fear had prevailed over courage.

(To Be Continued On Post 434)

    POST 433                                 

POST 433

PHILOSOPHY - Epistemology: The Paradox of the Ravens [HD]

POST 410 25 August 2019


BODY. Strengthen physical stability; develop deep breathing.
MIND. Alert, observing and critical mind.
WAY OF LIFE. This exercise implies a Method for exploring anything through four approaches.
1.HINH- Observing its appearance from three different standpoints (triangle).
2.THUAN. Viewing and reviewing it; getting to be familiar to it.
3.TINH. Exploring its core value (top-down, bottom-up, inside-out, outside-in)
4.KHI. Catching its “inner-power”, its center of energy, its vital point.


                                END POST 433

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