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POST 432 25JAN2020 VIETNAMESE TET - Exercises 05-08 - Rich and poor countries

POST 432 25 JAN 2020
- Exercises 05-08
- Rich and poor countries

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  POST  432                                   25 January 2020
In this Post 432 you will find the Exercises 05-08 of the form NGOC DINH / The Jade Mountain.


05   Be determined
06   Develop your internal power
07   Be prepared to meet snakes and tigers
08   Like an eagle soar very high

05   Quyết tâm một mực
06   Nội lực luyện rèn
07   Xà hổ làm quen
08   Đại bàng chuyển cánh
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Post 432

Story of

The Jade Mountain


One day they arrived at a working site where many people were busy extracting the gold found in the sand of the river. They stopped there and found work immediately. The salary was high and the workers could use their free time to find gold for themselves and thus enrich themselves quickly.      
Considering the situation, a second young man from the group decided to stop the trip there and stay near this golden river to become rich. Without hesitation, the other three continued their journey.

After many adventures, one day a beautiful mountain appeared on the horizon. The inhabitants of the small village from which one could see from afar the beauty of this mountain affirmed to them with conviction that it was the Mountain of Jade. This peaceful village had the particularity of having very few men and many beautiful young women.      
Overall, the young women had a family resemblance. They were gentle, hardworking and had a lot of talent. They knew how to cook, to knit, to make embroideries, to do gardening, to decorate the house and to spoil the men. Indeed, men were precious in this little paradise. Despite the reign of polygamy, many beautiful girls remained single until the age of thirty.
When the time came for the three young men to leave for the Jade Mountain, one of them was missing. He had fallen in love with the most beautiful girl in the village and decided to raise a family in this paradise where he was pampered. The other two men remained determined to continue their journey to discover the Jade Mountain. They felt more than ever bound by an unshakeable fraternity.

(To Be Continued On Post 433)

    POST 432   25 Jan. 2020                                

Why Some Countries Are Poor

and Others Rich

          END POST 432

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