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POST 420 02NOV2019 LUYEN THAO Concept -Ask the Master

  02 NOVEMBER 2019
  POST  420                                

In this Post you will find
  Water Flower
    Increased Antarctic sea ice

 POST  420                                 02 NOVEMBER 2019
The Concept of

From this week (Post 420 and the next Post 421) we will practice our daily exercise with the method of LUYEN-THAO (Performing Training).
 LUYEN THAO EXERCISES use small forms which often are some sequences extracted from a form (quyen in Vietchidao, kata in Karate) aiming at developing high skills to perform a quyen:
-consistency over all,
-precision of movements,
-solidity of stances,
-beauty of postures,
-power of gesture,
-spirit of the form
Moreover, this training will develop the specific skill of learning a form (quyen) from a document that contains only pictures and pictures. It’s up to the learner to guess the links between these pictures to make them a logical sequence of movements. It is quite a challenge aiming to educate a good learner!
In this Post 420 we will use the Exercise THINH-SU “Asking the Master” as our basic training, please see the following document.

 POST  420                                 02 NOVEMBER 2019
Asking the Master

Asking the Master (Thinh-Su) is the name of this small form (called a chieu) illustrated by 16 pictures assembled in one page, like a postcard, for your practical use. However we also post here these 16 pictures in separate photos for better quality, you can download them all. These pictures have been taken from a much longer form called Hoanh-Son Quyen.
For the training of this week (Post 420) you are invited to practice this small form chieu Asking the Master, Thinh-Su, under the two following aspects:
-Step 1: The “hinh”: the successive development of these movements (gestures). So you will have to remember all of these pictures in their indicated order (numbered pictures) by doing the form according to your own pace of learning, no rush.
-Step 2:The “thuan”: Then after, you will try to perform this chieu, small form, as a natural flow of movements. This means your attention is no longer on remembering these pictures but on the flowing of your movements. So you will have to repeat, and repeat, many times this form until you will be able to perform it without hesitation.
In the next week (Post 421) we will deal with the two following steps: Tinh, Essence and Khi Vitality, Energy. And we will explore the Meaning, Strategy, and Life Philosophy of this very valuable chieu Thinh-Su, Ask the Master. (Why asking, how to ask, what method of asking to apply…) 
See you soon
 g.m Phan Hoang (02 November 2019)

  POST  420     02 NOVEMBER   2019

Increased Antarctic sea ice

Sharing online 

Upside-down "rivers" of warm ocean water may be one of the causes of Antarctica's ice shelves breaking up, leading to a rise in sea levels. But a new study suggests an increase in sea ice may lead to a much more devastating change in the Earth's climate — another ice age.

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