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  POST  443                                 11 April 2020



Watering the Peach Tree






The aim and benefit of this exercise: keeping balance, feeling young and happy. Rejuvenating tonic ; longevity.

This exercise TUOI-DAO also implies five related aspects as in the previous exercise :

1.       Physical form- The movement, at the beginning and during the inhaling phase, is flowing smoothly and deeply then becomes more and more firm and strong at the exhaling phase.       
Physiology- Stimulating good function of Lungs, Small and Large Intestines.   

2.      Breathing method- Tho-Phoi-Bung: Inhale with wide thoracic movements using dynamic respiratory muscles activities; exhale with dan-dien (belly) pressure.

3.      Inner-energy and vital points- In term of inner-energy (noi-khi), the mission of  movement TUOI-DAO is to ensure the balance of PHE-DAN. This means keeping balance between the high energy flowing in the upper part of our body and the deep energy sleeping in the lower part of our body.

4.      Vital points to keep in mind are:          
-Meridian of the lungs: P5 (xich-trach),  P7 (liet-khuyet), and P11 (thieu-thuong)     
-Meridian of the large intestine: GI1 (thuong-duong), GI11 (khuc-tri), and GI20 (nghinh-huong)       
-Meridian of the small intestine: IG1 (thieu-trach), IG4 (uyen-cot), and IG8 (thieu-hai)

5.      Mind and Thought- As you are doing this movement TUOI-DAO/ WATERING THE PEACH TREE imagine you are walking on a quiet path bordered by many flowering peach trees and plum trees. Under an immense blue sky these pink flowers, the most beautiful flowers preferred by spiritual people, make you feel happy, optimistic and free. You are free to grow the way you like, to dream the most beautiful dream of your life. When doing this movements with your arms and your body you seem watering the peach tree, the tree of long life. You feel happy, and you can help others to be happy too. You can be a teacher because you can show to others something wonderful you have experienced yourself with this movement of Watering the Peach Tree.        

6.      Symbolism- In Vietnam peach tree (dao) doesn’t grow everywhere and when people can find it they take great care of the trees to obtain beautiful flowers and delicious  fruits. The peach symbolizes Longevity and the flower Spring and Love.

7.      Behavior- “Watering the peach tree” teaches us that for obtaining good things in life we have to work for it, with patience and perseverance. But working with pleasure. You can change your mind and your world just by smiling each time you see flowers of peach tree, or any flower.



The dream of reaching immortality was almost universal, especially in Asia. In ancient time, supposedly there were two ways to realize this: the chemical process, we now label it as alchemy, and the natural process which was what we nowadays might call as a magical “green” way.

 The famous emperor Qin Shi-Huang/ Tan Thuy-hoang (3rd Century BCE), the one who had ordered the construction of the Great Wall at the cost of millions souls, followed a chemical process by administering every day to himself a very small dose of arsenic. After a few years, as a result, he really reached immortality. Not on earth but under the earth, in an immense tomb kept secret for twenty two centuries!

Regarding the magical green way, people believed in some place elsewhere it existed a specific one thousand year old peach tree which took one hundred years to produce a unique peach called Dao-bat-tu/The immortal peach.

Who eats it will become immortal. And legend has it. Once, many centuries ago, a man came to a royal court offering a pretended Immortal Peach to the king.

While the king has not yet looked at the precious fruit, one of his ministers had swiftly grasped the Immortal Peach and rapidly ate it. The king became furious and ordered to execute the minister.

Going in the knees he implores the king to have mercy:

Majesty! I am innocent. This man pretended his peach was an immortal peach; I just ate it and now my life is in trouble. So yours too, Majesty, had you eaten this peach. We should punish those who preach untrue believes to our society and reward those who dare risking their life for discovering the truth. The good king listened, nodded and laughed nicely.
















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  Title. Kill Bill: Bang Bang My Baby Shot me Down - The Danish National Symphony






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  Title. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer






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POSST 474 201121 Eight Birds 6,7 and 8 - Exercise POSTURE - Vietkhiphap

         IN THIS POST 474 WE CONTINUE WITH The Eight Birds, No 6,7 and 8 (end)












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  Title. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra





Title. How to *Describe People* in English









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POST 473 14Nov2020 SIX POSTURES Exercise, Text and Poem

 POST 473 SIX POSTURES text and Poem


  POST  473  November 14, 2020








PROBLEM. How can a teacher could teach when the students are made up of so many different groups? People in their twenties are eager to learn the secrets for fierce fighting; middle-aged people who have been training for a long time now want to find a way of deep inner strength and a good meaning for life; senior people are looking forward to discovering the panacea in martial arts that could keep them in a serene way of life. How could we solve this problem?

METHOD. First, a good teacher is the one who inspires, who points the way for the students to discover by themselves and avoids pushing them forward on a traced path to follow.

Second, a good teacher must seek to teach what is of lasting value, the value everyone recognizes as good and that can be applied in practice; avoid teaching anything the teacher can do well but the students cannot do it .

DATA. To find the needed materials for building this exercise, let's take a look at some of the basic values in life and find the corresponding symbols representing these values: the mountain, the forest, the river, the cloud, the sky and the earth. Now let’s make an arrangement from selected martial art elements such stances, moves, hands and legs techniques into a coherent scheme that could reflect the spirit of our chosen values and could carry in the same time the martial art strategy. Of course, this work will require vision, patience, and persistence to get a result of lasting value.

THE SIX POSTURES. There is a Poem in Vietnamese (not translated) followed by six groups of sentences, pictures or a video clip.

(1).The Mountain. The Mount Tan-Vien inspires us the physical solidity and the high spirit of great people. (Fighting like a mountain climber: strong and enduring)

(2).The Forest. The Trang-Son forest teaches us the value of intensive efforts and spiritual exploration. (Practicing martial art like going into a forest: not straying, not backing up)

(3).The River. The Mekong River takes us to the ocean and teaches us the indomitable spirit.  (Performing a form, quyen, like riding over the waves: adaptation and resistance)

(4) The Cloud. The clouds over the city of Da Lat are so beautiful evoking us the spirit of openness and the impermanence of things in life. (Train your mind like watching the clouds: shake off all the dust)

(5) The Sky. The endless sky gives us inner strength and strong belief. (Training our spirit like standing in the middle of a stormy sky: tomorrow the sky will be bright again)

(6).The Earth. Our land stands for practical spirit and generosity. (In life, among thousands of unpredictable changes: I am not afraid)


g.m Charles Phan Hoang, Spring 2020








Sáu Thế Tâm Truyền.  Và đây là kết quả: Chúng ta hãy cùng quan sát và gần gũi  với núi, với rừng, với sông biển, mây nước và trời đất. Trước hết có bài thơ thiệu, sau là mỗi thế một câu, và sau đấy là hình ảnh, video.



(1).Tản-Viên cao ngất dưới trời

Ta theo gương đó làm người trượng phu

(2).Trường-Sơn rừng nùi mịt mờ

Dầy công luyện lực ta tu thành người

(3). Cửu-Long sông nước tuyệt vời 

Đưa ta tới biển làm người kinh qua

(4). Mây trời Đà-Lạt thiết tha

Thịnh suy, tan hợp hiểu ra lẽ đời

(5). Trời xanh bát ngát muôn nơi

Nội tâm xâu thẳm, một lời tự tin

(6). Còn trời, còn đất còn chuyên

Luyện cho tâm lực chân quyền khai thông ./.


 (Phan Hoàng, 2020)












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  Title. Story - Lord Jim part 1 










   EXERCISES 03, 04, AND 05 

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