Saturday, October 29, 2022

POST 576 29October2022 Training Hoa Sen Lotus - Stance Snake - Observing the cormorant- Stamp VATICAN


POST 576 29October2022 

-Training Hoa Sen Lotus 

- Stance Snake 

- Observing the cormorant




                                             EXERCISE The Lotus 

                                               ROUTINE TRAINING 



    POST 576 29 October 2022                                







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                  OBSERVING THE CORMORANT 

                   Petrie Island September 2022


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Saturday, October 22, 2022

POST 575 22Oct.2022 Exercise KHAI MOC The Wood- Stance RAIBOW- Voice of the Forest Phan Hoang Poem


POST 575 22Oct.2022 

Exercise KHAI MOC The Wood

- Stance RAIBOW

-  VOICE OF THE FOREST Phan Hoang Poem

-La Mittel Europe Part Three




POST  575 / 

from Post 419  (26 October 2019)


TRUNG BINH TAN – Rainbow Stance




- Popular name: TRUNG BINH TAN,  

- Code name: Rainbow, Horse, Stance

- Other name: Duong Minh Tan

- Moto: Be Strong


-Thiệu Teaching Poem

Trung Bình Tấn

Trung bình, đứng tấn vững vàng

Giữ cho muôn sự mọi đàng bình yên

Nội công: tâm tĩnh, đoạn phiền

Ngoại công:thân pháp  chuyển quyền vô biên

(Phan Hoàng)

 Be solid, such an arch,

All pressures are transmitted elsewhere

Keeping thousand things in harmony

For the Inner: quietness

For the Outer: make surprising move.

(Phan Hoàng)

--------------------------------------      STANCE STUDY – Tấn Bộ - in VIETCHIDAO

As the Vietchidao is not a martial-art but an Educational Martial-Art, the aim of Stance Study will not be focused on the fighting efficiency but concentrated on the improvement of your health and the elevation of your mind; the physical balance of the body and the artistic dimension of the posture; the meaning in social behavior and strategy; the concern for personal development and life philosophy. In the program of Black-Belt 18 stances make the foundation of Stance Study. Most of these stances are connected to a poem. The poem gives new dimensions that enrich the Stance Study and carry the thoughts of the founder.

Render Vietnamese poems into English with all their subtlety is a task that goes beyond our efforts. So please consider the English version coupled with the Vietnamese poem in our text is not a translation, only a guiding material.  



POST 575

EMAIL Received


 (from Paola Binh Lam)  October 19. 2022

I delved a bit into the concept of "tensegrity," which is increasingly present in the world of osteopaths and movement professionals today.
I found this concept again when I examined your poem of position No. 9 (Trung Binh Tan) : for me it was a small enlightenment on the meaning of your words.

"Be solid, like an arc,
Each pressure is transmitted from another part
Keeping a thousand elements in harmony"

I feel a wonderful feeling being able to connect seemingly distant concepts together, finding them closely related (and practiced) to Viet Chi Dao "the art of honesty and balance". 

.There, I was keen to tell you.








    POST 575  2022                                






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