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30 JULY2021

LOOKING BACK                    




We are in mid-summer and this weekend, July31 to August 02, 2021, is a long weekend: The Weekend of Civic Holiday. Wonderful weekend!


In Canada the Civic Holiday is on the first Monday of August and it is known by many names in different provinces: in Newfoundland it is called Regatta Day, in Nova Scotia  Natal Day,  in Alberta Heritage Day etc…


By now Covid19 restrictions are not over yet, however today we feel much better than a year ago, 2020! Still travelling around the world is not possible to imagine and I don’t know when things will be back to normal.  When again I can I fly to Europe, to Japan, to the US, to some islands of my dream. I miss friends, I miss our training sessions.




(On 15 June 2018 I wrote on the Post 362)

 No matter how old and how rich you are, what really matters is you are in good health and good spirit to enjoy life. Summer is coming soon, the weather right now is just wonderful: not too hot, not too chilly; blue sky, flowers everywhere. I heard some good music played around.

I remember, at this same period, last year (2017) I was enjoying a walk on the small path from Sangano to the next town in Italy; ten years ago I was in Kazakhstan teaching to a new program for people who had known well the Soviet Regime. Seventeen years ago I discovered the Lake de Guadalupe in Mexico and the volcano Popocatepetl, I loved the flowers of jacaranda, the light violet flowers that cover this mysterious country in spring. Twenty five years ago, I came to Butare in Rwanda. One day, after my class I went to explore a wood near the University of Butare, and I got lost! I was so scared hearing some sounds from the wood… is there any lion or leopard there? (in fear I asked myself )

Today, sitting here and looking back there I feel that life has been really nice and generous to me. Yes, I am…

Charles Phan Hoang 



















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Inside Louvre Museum Paris




Epic Wild Western Music –

Cowboys & Outlaws








O Holy Night - André Rieu








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   RONG NUOC , The Water Dragon

 In this Post 510 we continue with the last part of the form The Summer (VO HA):

RONG NUOC, The Water Dragon . 



RONG NUOC, The Water Dragon.

According to an ancient myth, the Vietnamese people are descended from a dragon lord (Lac Long Quan) and an immortal mountain fairy (Au-Co). The dragon is symbolic of the emperor and the power of the nation. It could bring protection to the people and water for agriculture.

 It could have five versions of dragon: the Iron Dragon, the Wood Dragon, the Water Dragon, the Fire Dragon, and the Earth Dragon.








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I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.”
Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince and Other Stories




                VIETNAMESE PAINTING 



  POST 510  24 July 2021


ON THE ROAD with GM Phan Hoang
Teachers School 29 August 2020






The subject I want to talk today is about my travel in Masai Mara, Kenya.

In 1992, during two months I was in Rwanda for a university cooperation mission. At the end of February my wife flew from Canada to join me in Butare and then we went to Kenya.

For almost three weeks we have explored this wonderful country, but my focus here is only on Masai Mara although we have been also visiting Nairobi, Mombasa, and the lake Nakoru, etc.

We joined a group of visitors in Masai Mara. It was a small group of six people including both of us, and we camped near a village of Masai people in the savanna. So we were set in a completely wild environment.

When we were in this place, we were cut from the rest of the world and this changed our feeling about life. We sensed not only the immensity of the area but we also got the exceptional opportunity to observe all kind of wild animals. That was the first time I saw so many lions. Once in a minibus from the Reserve, we came very close to a family of 12 lions; another day an impressive group of elephants. I could not count how many they were but their thundering pace scared us a big deal when they came so close to the minibus. Everyone stayed quiet and silent.  I will never forget my feeling of that daunting moment in the savanna.

But after that everything came back to normal. We have seen a lot of many other wild animals. The tall giraffe, the adorable cheetahs, the hyenas, and many impalas and others. I have selected some pictures to share with you in the attachment.

 (From Teachers School 29 August 2020. ON THE ROAD with GM Phan Hoang)










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 English Story with Subtitles

British History







The Autumn Leaves of Rissyaku-ji TempleYamagata, Japan









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