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POST 458 26JULY 2020 
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Nurturing the Tree 
(Exercise KHAI MOC in 
the VO HA series

Exercise KHAI MOC Nurturing The Tree.
This exercise is one of the four exercises from a series called VO-HA (Summer Training).

Wishing you a great summer


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 The Fisherman




POST 458


How to Order Food at a Restaurant in English




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POST 457 19JULY2020 What is W@z -Exercise Three Elites Tam Anh - Nothingness -Various pictures

   POST 457 19JULY2020
   - What is W@z 
   -Exercise Three Elites Tam Anh 
   -Vietnamese wood-print
   - Nothingness -Various pictures


    POST 457  19 July 2020

 From the form Nui Ngoc/Jade Mountain, in this Post 457 you will the Three Elites: Snake, Tiger, and Eagle                         



In this Post you will find


-LEARNING: What is W@z?


-TRAINING: The Three Elites Tam Anh

-PICTURES: Various pictures


-Vietnamese wood-print











 POST 457  19July 2020  

   What does it mean W@z?

 This is a symbol, a brief message of friendship

   W@Z =

Whatever happening,  at the end, BE GREAT.





The following text is a development in Vietnamese language


 W@Z nghĩa là gì ?

 W@Z là một linh ngữ gồm lại trong một chữ các lời chúc tụng ở cả ba lãnh vực :


  W : Ăn nên làm ra, giầu bền, trúng số

  @ :  Ơn trời vui vẻ, vô bệnh, vô tư

  Z  :  Ưng gì được nấy, người người yêu ta


Ngoài ra linh ngữ này không chỉ mầu nhiệm giúp những lời chúc tụng được thực hiện mà cả hai bên người gửi và người nhận đều tiết kiệm thời gian để trở thành người thành công giầu có, nhẹ nhàng. Chẳng cần phải Tết, cứ mổi cuối  email bạn quất một chữ W@Z là xong, không dài dòng, ai cũng biết bạn là người tốt, người thông minh.


W@Z =

Whatever happening,  at the end, BE GREAT.






  POST 457   19 July 2020









If zero = Nothingness, and 1 = Oneness

Then Nothingness and Oneness can govern the whole world in the way Zeroes and Ones encode everything you receive from not only the Internet but everywhere in your life: music, photos, banks, voices, telephone, car, GPS and so on.

In fact, Nothingness can be equal to Oneness.  Yes, here is one way to demonstrate it; that means we are going to prove that  1 = 0

Let’s assume ‘a’ and ‘b’, both equal to 1  (Nothing here is unacceptable). 

Then b2 = ab.

Of course a2 = a2.

Subtract; we obtain

a2 – b2 = a2 – ab                       (nothing to say about this). 

Then, a2 – b2 = a(a-b),                     (correct).

Then, (a+b) (a-b) = a(a-b)

Then, (a+b) (a-b)/(a-b) = a(a-b)/(a-b)

       → a + b = a. 


         b = a-a   = 0   (zero)!

Because we set b to be 1, so b = 1 and 1 = 0

Oneness and Nothingness are equal, QED!

Today students replace the old QED (quod erat demonstrandum) by a filled square ■ called a halmos.

Conclusion: We did not pretend to make a mathematical demonstration for

Nothingness = Oneness,

but we pretend that knowing deeply about Nothingness and Oneness could make our life much better.  So when you do our exercises, whether in Viettaichi, Viet-Khi-Phap, or Vietvodao, remember:

Breathing in = Oneness  (fullness), and  

Breathing Out = Nothingness (emptiness)

We do both actions of breathing with the same attention, and the same focus. In case of stress or hardship, just breathe in fully then breathe out totally. Firmly say to yourself that you are really STRONG when you are breathing in, and breathing out; thinking that nothing can affect your mind.

(Please find the flaw in this mathematical proof)

Phan Hoang (September 12,2012)






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10 Words You Need Right Now to Sound Smart at Work in English





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