Friday, May 24, 2019


From Ravenna I took a train to Treviso and will spend a day here before leaving Italy for Warsaw.
Italy railways offer us both high speed modern trains and “nostalgic” trains! These old trains give me more time to enjoy my visit, more time to talk with people, more occasions to recall many things from the past. The past does not have clear limit in my mind although often there are precise dates for   this or for that event I remembered. In 1964 I landed on Rome for the first time, but I did not visit Rome on that occasion. In 1978 Karen and I drove from Athena to Padova then continued our road back to France. For the regular tourists Padova is not a city with great interest like  Venise, Florence, or Pisa. But for me Padova is an unforgettable place... My train passed Padova before arriving in Treviso. Treviso is another kind of Italian city, a northern old city where I walked around that evening  before leaving Italy I felt all the nostalgia of so many travels through this fabulous country. At a place in Treviso, in a sudden my memory brought back to my mind the name of a small town in the South of Italy, there is no relation between these two cities: Campo Basso! But my memory has made a link between them for a reason I don’t know. (Charles Phan Hoang, May 2019).