Wednesday, May 8, 2019

POST 394 09May2019 posting pictures via my mini iPad

Today, I am trying to post on my Blog via my mini iPad. The problem is I don’t know how to do it!

When you know well to do something it seems to you life is easy in doing that.
When you have no clue how to get something done in the virtual universe and you have to do it, I call that a torture! But it doesn’t matter how you call it, it need to be done! So if you agree that it is not important what ever I call it, I would call it: exploring a nirvana!
Remember, Buddha has said: There is no difference between Suffering and Happiness. No difference between Emptiness and Matter. I love Buddha and I like to think He is right, however when it come to make a choice I would prefer having HAPPINESS! Right now my Happiness is trying to post some pictures on my Blog for this weekend.... maybe it is like a boxing session!

Ops! I loaded twice these pictures, And I have not known yet how to delete them with iPad! Life is always rich of experience...

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  1. Congratulazioni GM, ce l'hai fatta!
    congratulations GM! you did!