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POST 519 25Sept2021 Back to School + COMPEDIUM FROM POSTS 168-174


POST 519  25 September 2021

POST 172,  October 18, 2014
The training form  

From this Post 172, and for eight coming posts, you will find a set of movements part of the important form: HOANH SON Quyen which could be executed in both styles: gentle and slow or dynamic and clear cut.
Historical facts. During the last part of the 16th century Vietnam was in chaos situation: King Mac, Lord Trinh, and Lord Nguyen were fighting against each other for gaining the power. On that background a great master appeared: Master NGUYEN BINH-KHIEM (1491-1581). He was the master for all the three antagonists, author of many writings, and especially a book called Sấm Trạng Trình which is considered by some people a book of advices on strategy while many people believe, so far, it is a Vietnamese equivalent book to ‘Nostradamus’. Up to our time NGUYEN BINH-KHIEM is venerated as an Immortal in the Buddhist Sect CAO-DAI.

Story and legend. NGUYEN HOANG  was a brilliant officer serving in the army of Lord TRINH-KIEM who was his brother-in-law. Lord TRINH-KIEM was aware of the possibility that later NGUYEN HOANG  will challenge his authority, therefore Lord TRINH was awaiting for an opportunity to eliminate his potential opponent. Facing this great danger NGUYEN HOANG  called on master BINH-KHIEM for advice. On that meeting the master did not say a word but pointing his forefinger to the south, beyond these mountains, then waved his forefinger three times before stopping and drawing a lateral line.  NGUYEN HOANG  then understood that the master told him to go far away to take refuge behind the Lateral Mountain Hoanh-Son. And then after what will he have to do? The master still did not say anything, he just gave him a book and motioned him to go. Following the advice of his master NGUYEN HOANG went south with his family and a number of followers. He seriously applied the knowledge and strategy gained from the book of the master and later became a Lord NGUYEN.  Generations after, one of his descendent became King GIA-LONG founder of the NGUYEN Dynasty (1881-1945).  

According to popular oral-history the advice of master BINH-KHIEM was in this saying:

“Hoành Sơn nhất đái, vạn đại dung thân’ = One Transverse  Mountain can protect many generations.

It is believed that the original copy of his book is still to be preserved at a pagoda known under a code name ‘CHUA MAI’, somewhere in North Vietnam.

charles phan hoang, October 2014

 Santorini (GreekΣαντορίνη).
in English Santorini is known by Thera.
It is a beautiful island 
about 200 km (120 mi) southeast 
of Greece's mainland.

POST 170, September 27, 2014

Sur les collines
Les couleurs flamboyantes d’automne
Au bord du lac
Les oies bernaches lancent leur appel
Pour le vol éternel
Leurs cris nostalgiques
Tel un mantra
L’appel à l’éveil
Qui sait ?
    Charles Steven Hogan

The Call of Autumn

Over the hills
Flaming colors of autumn
At the lake
Canadian geese call for
The eternal flight
Their nostalgic voices
Like a mantra
The sound of enlightenment
Who knows?
  Charles Steven Hogan



POST 168, September 13, 2014
 SULDEN (Solda in Italian)    

 Post 168, September 2014


At this exciting period of the new academic year I remember a good quotation from  William Arthur Ward:

The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires. 

And today I wrote:

Average teachers use manuals.  Good teachers use manuals and check new publications.  Superior teachers write new manuals. Great teachers show the way of discovery and creativity. 

Charles Steven Hogan


POST 169, September 21, 2014

21 September is the WORLD PEACE DAY. To inaugurate the day, the Peace Bell is rung at the United Nations Headquarters (in New York City), and at this occasion I’d like to share with you some quotations

-An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. (Mahatma Gandhi)

-Right is more precious than peace. (Woodrow Wilson)

-The Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. (William E. Gladstone)

-The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war. (Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit)

-Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. (Martin L. King Jr)

-Peace begins with a smile (Mother Teresa)

-Peace cannot be kept by force , it can only be achieved by understanding. (Albert Einstein)

And here is the last quote I’d like to add to this list from an author I forget the name : Sometimes we have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down.

Best wishes for Equinox time.
 g.m phan hoang


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POST 518 18Sept2021-Strong Tiger- Conjecture Charles Phan Hoang- Five Elements Theory






 POST  518 September 18, 2021

 Vietchi Teachers School.  Online Sessions December 2020




In mathematics, a conjecture is a statement that might be true but has not been proven or disproven. The conjecture on Ultimate Reality could be formulated as follows:

“Anything in life that could be materially presented or perceived is a reality by its own meaning, and it could have several realities when it is presented or perceived under different aspects at different circumstances. But over all, there is an Ultimate Reality to be discovered which will be the key to understand our problem”. 

Often the Ultimate Reality is the hidden real nature of things, the primeval source which generates all things under examination. 

The Conjecture On Ultimate Reality (C.O.U.R) could give way to a great number of discussions when it touches a specific discipline such as Philosophy, Religion, Education, Psychology, Economics, Management, Political Sciences, Strategy, and so on. By the moment I am writing this, early December 2020, the world is full of serious conflicts and problems. For each situation, if the related data are correctly presented, no matter how complex they could be, the application of this Conjecture would lead to a better solution.  

In the limited scope of this learning session which is intended to our Black Belts, we are interested only to the study of MOVEMENTS in our practice of Vietchidao. We wish to develop some practical applications of this conjecture to our Way of Black Belt. For example in the case of the Theory of Five Elements we can find a number of different considerations regarding its meaning. For the ones, it serves as the foundation of acupuncture; it is a beautiful piece of high culture and so on; for some others it is simply a primitive approach to sciences, merely a game for children, and a stupid simplification of the world in five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. 

Now, through all these different aspects of a same thing how should we, as a martial artist, go forward?  Under our view, considering the aim of our practice, we should try to find the Ultimate Reality of the Theory of Five Elements.  Beyond the traditional teaching that stays firm on the rigid definition of the five elements we could go forward and discover that in fact the Theory of Five Elements is not about these five elements! In fact, it uses these five elements as symbols to express an ultimate reality: Things in the world are the results of a reciprocal relationship which follows whether the cycle of generation or the cycle of opposition. This said, in the art of fighting we can then arrange, in the program of our training, multiple techniques of attack and defense under the light of “generation” strategy or rather under the “opposition” strategy. This opens the way of our practice far beyond the limited traditional conception of Five Elements. We now clearly see that the Ultimate Reality, in this case, is a law of interaction that helps us better organizing our way and securing our success. The enemies are strong? Make them go the long way and get them tired. The Covid 19 is very dangerous? Patiently keep physical distancing longer. In any case, searching for the Ultimate Reality, the real reason behind the appearance, is a crucial step forward.         

Concerning the study of Movements in our exercises and forms (quyen), let us consider the following example. In a town there are four martial-art schools with different names and logos. They all claim to be true-origin-martial-art: the Authentic, the Genuine, the Real, and the Right. Each one is specialized in one specific style such as Lion, Tiger, Dragon, and Lotus, as we can see in the following logos. (PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED PICTURE – The Four School.) 

Observers from different groups such as students, teachers, police, sports organizations do have their different opinions -positive, negative, or mix- for each logo. Their opinions are mostly influenced by the whole image of each logo and also by their own stand point and background. But in all cases, each logo is a reality for them to observe and make up an opinion.  

We too, we agree that each logo is a different reality. However our attention is attracted by the presence of the symbol “Yin & Yang” inside each logo. This element could lead us to what we call Ultimate Reality. So we extracted them, as shown below, for a better examination. . (PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED PICTURE – The FOUR IMAGES.)



Closely examining them we found that there are four different models of the “Yin & Yang”:

- Model A: For our technical use we call it the “REGULAR”

- Model B: We call it the “OPPOSITE” which is simply the mirror-image of model A.

- Model C : We call it the “RETURNING” which is the upside down of model A.

- Model D : we call it the “REVERSING” which is the mirror-image of model C.


Certainly we find that the arrangement of these four models is a very interesting and confusing game.  But no matter how the design of the “Yin & Yang” is arranged into each logo, the Ultimate Reality goes beyond and above these four models to affirm by its nature that The co-existence of Negative and Positive is in all things.   Acting on this balance is the best way to solve any problem we have to solve.


Regarding the exercises and quyen in any discipline inside the system of VietChiDao, we now know that each one of them does have four versions: Version Thuan (Model A) ,  Version Doi ( Model B)  , Version Dao (Model C), and Version  Nghich (Model D) . But in practice only the versions A and B are popular, the reason is that the versions C and D are difficult to be applied to a long form (quyen). However, please keep in mind that it is easy to apply all the four versions to some exercises such as the first part of Dai-Lao, Ha-Chi, Equinox, and so on. It is worthy to try doing it, it could change the way of your routine training. 


 Surprisingly, all the four versions can also easily find their application in many exercises of Vietchikiem! Yes, this is a huge advantage; especially the “Returning Kiem” and the “Reversing Kiem” are two terrific strategies. In a sword fight, usually the opponents expect to receive the Regular attacks and/or the Opposite attacks, but in a sudden they receive indeed the “Returning Kiem” and/or the “Reversing Kiem” that makes them lose.


CONCLUSION: In search of the Ultimate Reality we found the four models on the way. They are VERY CONFUSING, much of learning and practice are needed to master this issue./.

   G.M PHAN HOANG, December 2020




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"KITCHEN is the Medicine/Drug Pharmaceutical Manufacture"

 Doctor OSAKA - Japan














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Autumn leaves in Kyoto





5 Knots

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