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POST 463 29AUG2020 - KY LO Study - Roses in Sangano- University of Bologna the oldest






POST 463  29 August 2020




                                                            Charles Phan Hoang                                                           




Founded in 1088 the University of Bologna holds the title of the oldest university in the world. At the beginning students hired and paid for the teachers. Founded in 1150 the University of Paris (La Sorbonne) was paid by the Church. For many centuries the Sorbonne was one of the most important universities in Europe.

Today, regarding higher education, the passionate debate is about in classroom teaching versus online teaching. The real question is who will pay for what? The users of services –students- or the taxes payers, i.e. the Government. Don’t think this question does not concern you much.


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POST 463  29 Agust 2020

Study of Ky-Lo







The form KY-LO has 28 Postures; each posture is presented by a numbered picture as you have noticed in previous Posts (459 to 462). And these postures are grouped in six Parts as follows: 

 PICTURE            TITLE

Picture 01 to 05  SALUTE

Part 1 (06,26)  THE WAY IN LIFE

Part 2 (27,42)  THE WAY OF HAPPINESS

Part 3 (43,50)  THE WAY OF TRAINING

Part 4 (51,67)   THE WAY OF QUIET POWER

Part 5 (68,75)  THE WAY OF CHANGE

Part 6 (76,82)  THE GREAT WAY


Each part is a subject for advanced study.

In this Post 463 we publish the corresponding text for

 Part 1 –THE WAY IN LIFE (Pic. 08 to 23)

·         Wide Sky,                  Pic. 08;

·         Fabulous Path,         Pic. 12;

·         Posture Success ,     Pic. 16;

·         Posture Failure,       Pic. 19;

·         Posture Opposing,   Pic. 21;

·         Posture Following, Pic. 23. 

      to see pictures of KY LO : Please click on last four posts, 

      459, 460, 461, 462






POST 463  29 Agust 2020

Study of Ky-Lo


(pictures 06 to 26)






For a beginner who just wants to perform the movements presented in this Part 1, it is relatively easy to do it by following the series of pictures from number 6 through number 26.

For advanced learner a different way to train this part is opened up as follows:

Phase one 

Apply static and deep training to shape the body, improve endurance, strengthen the hara, and activate the inner-power by performing the two postures, Wide Sky, then Fabulous Path: the method implies standing still like a statue while contracting various muscles (technique of gong) and controlling the belly breathing; mind focussing on the point ba-hoi at the top of the head.

In the posture Wide Sky the legs (stance lap-tan) must be bent a bit; and in the posture Fabulous Path the stance (trung-binh-tan) must be wide and low. Start with Wide Sky for three minutes, then relax 30 seconds before engaging into the training with Fabulous Path, also for three minutes, then relax 30 seconds before restarting Wide Sky; and so on. 

Phase two

Perform the four other postures as in one sequence (pic. 13 through pic. 26) with the aim to train moving skill, precision, swiftness, and harmony of movements. Stances must be clear and solid.











POST 463  29 Agust 2020

Study of Ky-Lo


(pictures 06 to 26)





Understanding the stream of life. The title of this Part 1 is The Way in Life, not the Way of Life.

This means, on the one hand, ‘Life (the society) has its own way to be’ no matter how you want it to be or how you expect it to be. On the other hand, ‘You (as a subject living in a society) do have a chosen way for your own life’ that could be in accordance with the society where you live or that could be not.

That said, the subject in this Part 1 is not on How to build your way of life, but precisely How to position your way through the changing stream of life. That means first we have to understand the nature that life is, then opt a position for our way in that stream of life and assume our responsibility.

Defining our identity and positioning our way is an important subject. The problem is the more we read all these famous philosophers of the last centuries, the more we get confused! Why? Not because they could not be right all the times while life is changing but precisely because this is a practical problem which is not in the field of theoretical thought. Philosophy or belief could help us in some sense, but basically we need concrete action. We need experience and training.  So here is what I have got during a long travel –from the age of eighteen to eighty- and I want to share it with you.

Through the six postures in this Part 1, from Wide Sky (Pic. 08) down to the posture of Following (Pic. 23), we have a practical way to approach the nature of life for what these postures describe in symbolic way. Although life could have million aspects through space and time, it has indeed a stable pattern regarding our concern, this pattern is the permanent change of everything in life without fixed rules, but always limited by two extremes: excessive positive and excessive negative

The symbols used in this Part 1 are Success vs Failure; Opposing vs Following. So when you perform the sequences in this Part 1 you will find that it is not easy to position your steps (stances) correctly although these movements are not exceptionally difficult for an advanced artist. Please know that they are designed in this unusual way in order to train you capacities (Efficiency, Stability, Creativity, Discernment).

Now imagine that you are on the edge of a turning giant wheel which changes its speed without rule and your job, in order not to fall out but to survive on that turning wheel, is to adapt your performance to the change of the wheel, no problem sometimes you are following the sense of change and in other time you are running in the opposite direction. The main issue here is having enough skill, enough training to face the situation.

Physical training is a necessary condition but that is not enough, we also need a serious mental training.

The Posture Wide Sky help you keep a quiet mind, a cleaver spirit. From this you will find yourself the correct way (Fabulous Path) for your decision. You will always remember that the way you need to know is the one, with all your capacities and efforts, you have discovered it, not the one someone from somewhere ordered you to follow.

In conclusion, these six postures in Part 1 train us for physical skills and mental capacity. We would never do complain against life instead to understand its complex nature and to be prepared to successfully face any situation. That is the way of being a Vietchi Black-Belt.





    POST  463     29 August 2020                           SHARING ONLINE





Wolf's Sweet Voice Inspires 50 Wolves to Howl


Geese crossing street Ottawa July 11th 2020 






                               ROSES IN SANGANO

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POST 462 22Aug.2020 EXERCISES Ky-Lo part 4 - JUST A FEW LINES - Sunset at Stowe in Vermont -Wolves






POST 462   22 AUGUST 2020




                                                            Charles Phan Hoang                





-20 August 2020. The Three Gorges Dam faces its biggest ever flood. What if this giant dam broke? There are about 400 million people living downstream of the dam.

 -Seventeen years ago, 2003, in this same period I was driving from San Francisco down to Los Angeles not using the highway I5 but the touristic coastal road. Happy! Driving down is not the same experience than driving up although taking the same road.   

 -14 August 2020. A foggy morning on the beach of Petrie Island made me feel like being in another world, the world of dreaming.



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                           The world of wolves


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