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POST 445 25APR2020 Exercise Flying Swallow - Vision in Trouble Time -Tranh DONG HO no 13

POST  445    25 April 2020

   PHI-YEN DAO-VAN                

    Flying Swallow

The benefit of this exercise: flowing of intrinsic energy will dynamically clean toxic substances. Being unattached and feeling free. Optimism.
PHI-YEN is a general term for a number of  Movements (and Postures as well) related to the spirit and training method of the swallow (yên).
We use the term Movement (Chiêu) for a set of sequential patterns, a series of Postures. And the term Pose or Position (Thê) for one stationary pose.  PHI-YEN as a Movement (Chiêu) can be found , for example , in a series of forms such as Ngu-dieu-bo, Bat-dieu-bo, Thap-bat-dieu-bo, Phi-dieu, Tuyen-sinh, and as a Pose or Position (Thê) in a number of martial art training techniques and in static breathing exercises.
In TIEP-XUAN the full name of this fourth exercise is PHI-YEN DAO-VAN which can be interpreted in English as “flying swallow and swerving cloud”, or alternatively  “a flying swallow can make the cloud move”.  

1.     2. Physical form and breathing method- To do this exercise please see the attached pictures, they are numbered. Inhaling: by Tho-Phoi/lungs breathing method. The movement starts very slowly in the inhaling phase, see pictures 1, 2 and 3.     
Then there is a short holding of breath at the pose shown in the picture 4-5-6. Exhaling: by a combined lungs breathing and belly breathing method.  The exhaling phase starts with both arms , each arm drawing a circle counter-clockwise (see picture 7 and picture 8).          
The movement in this phase is accelerating in terms of speed and firm in physical action. The movement ends here. Take a normal breath, then restart the same movement with the opposite side in clockwise direction (see pictures 12 to 19).      
Terminology- We call “a set of swallow exercise” for the whole movements performed with both side (right and left). Nine sets make “a round of swallow exercise”.  One round   of PHI-YEN DAO-VAN is recommended for daily routine exercise.    

Physiology- The training of PHI-YEN DAO-VAN is well known for preventing stress which is one of the causes of high blood pressure. The stance at the end of this movement (standing on one leg) has specific effect in strengthening a number of muscles of the leg while stimulating the brain which will work to maintain the body in equilibrium. 

3.     Inner-energy and vital points- In term of inner-energy, PHI-YEN DAO-VAN is to facilitate the flows of inner-energy through the whole body thanks to the specific breathing method described above. It is important to keep in mind that in the inhaling phase inner-energy is focused toward the area called Trung-Dien which is located between the solar-plexus and the belly (Dan-Dien/Hara). Then, in the exhaling phase, intrinsic energy dynamically flowing through the whole body will clean toxic substances and remove  obstacles on its way.  
This is to be done under strong order from your brain to the organs and systems of your body. The power of your thinking is in action to command your brain. 
Vital points- There are two vital points which are already shown in the first Movement Khoi-A:
a.      C1 (Cuc-tuyen), on the Heart Meridian (Thu-Thieu-Am Tam-Kinh)
b.     R1 (Dong-tuyen)  on the Kidneys Meridian (Tuc-Thieu-Am Than-Kinh)
and an important area to keep in mind that is the Khi-hai zone located at the point Dan-dien/Hara at your belly.  

4.     Mind and Thought-  While doing this exercise  PHI-YEN DAO-VAN imagine you are freely flying as a swallow in the beautiful blue sky. Experience the feeling of being you.  Focus the thinking on your true-nature, this means strongly believe that the self in you is pure and free. Your spirit and your body are in harmony (no conflict). You fly like a swallow because you are free (being unattached) and happy (being in harmony with yourself).        
Getting back to the metaphor- Imagine how large the Milky Way is and how small the earth is in this galaxy; it is like a grain of sand in the Sahara. Compared to the earth we are small like a speck of dust. However, at the instant you are doing the PHI-YEN DAO-VAN (Flying Swallow) your thoughts can cover the whole Milky Way! As you (Flying Swallow) are viewing any object from high up in the sky, everything is small to you. So stop thinking you are small and not strong. Balance and harmony make you stronger. 

5.     Symbolism- Swallow is a symbol of Spring, Love, and Success. Confidence (self-assurance) is the spirit of swallow.

Behavior- Being a “swallow” is being in permanent springtime; being joyful and resourceful. PHI-YEN DAO-VAN advises us that we should not worry too much about all kind of small problems in our day to day activities. Do not care much about what the others say about you, care about who and the way you are.


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