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POST 431 19JAN2020 WINTER NOW - EXERCISES JADE MOUNTAIN 01-04 - How to describe people

   POST 431 19JAN2020 WINTER NOW
  - How to describe people

  POST  431                                   18 January 2020
In this Post 431 you will find the Exercises 01-04 of the form NGOC DINH / The Jade Mountain.


01        Look at the immensity of the blue sky
02        Think about the depth of the ocean
03        Go around the world
04        At the foot of Jade Mountain

01   Nhìn trời xanh thẳm
02   Ngó xuống đại dương
03   Đi khắp địa đàng
04   Tìm ra Núi Ngọc
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Story of

The Jade Mountain

Once upon a time there were five handsome young men, strong, good and honest, who were in search for the Jade Mountain.    
According to the locals, the Jade Mountain was a wonderful mountain and those who would succeed in reaching its summit would get wealth, power and happiness.  
The problem for these young men was that no one around them knew where the Jade Mountain was, nor where to go to find it. They decided to ask questions to dignitaries and respected people in their village.
They spoke first to the venerable monk of the great pagoda. Without hesitation, the monk asserted that the Jade Mountain was in heaven and that only those who lead an exemplary life on this earth could see it in their next life after their reincarnation.       
When they went to the oldest man in the village, they heard a bleak answer. According to this old man, the Jade Mountain does not exist because it was invented to deceive fools and dreamers who think they can find a needle at the bottom of the ocean.   
From the respectable wise man who lived peacefully on a green hill, they did not get an answer but a method to follow. According to this wise man, if the mountain exists it must be on this earth so if one goes around the earth one must find it.          
The group of five young men found that this answer made sense and they decided to undertake a journey around the earth.

Hardly had they left their village, after only a few kilometers of walking, one of them decided to abandon this trip. After much thought, he found that going around the world without being sure to find the Jade Mountain was a matter of fatigue and wasted time.  
The four others with great perseverance decided to continue their search for the Jade Mountain walking through fields, hills, rivers, forests and mountains. (To Be Continued On Post 432)




  POST  431                     19 January 2020  

How to Describe People

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