Thursday, July 12, 2018

POST 353 14JULY2018 A series of NATURE ART pictures

POST 353 14July 2018
A new world of creativity  

The term Nature here doesn’t mean the natural world, as in Mother Nature. It means the real nature, the soul of things.

According to Zen philosophy, anything that has a form has its True Nature, its invisible self, real character to be discovered. One of the main objectives of Zen practice is to reveal the real nature of things, beyond what we usually know through our senses.

Nature Art is a new field in the province of visual art. Nature Art is a way for the artist to express feelings and thoughts by using a "real nature" contained behind an image, mostly a photographic picture or a calligraphic letter. Although photography is widely used in Nature Art, Nature Art is not part of the Art of Photography. The photographic image and the colors presented in a Nature Art work are simply materials carrying a message, an idea or a feeling, a "real nature" the artist wants to express for her or his own purposes. It doesn't matter how different a viewer, as an outsider, could feel when seeing the same Nature Art work.

Founded by Charles Steven Hogan, Nature Art open the door for millions of people, who cannot use a pencil, a color palette or a brush in making a traditional art work, to become true artists themselves and share their works to others in a large way of freedom. Through Nature Art, Art is no longer for the sake of Art; it is for the sake of the artist.
Charles Steven Hogan. Canada, September 28, 2016.
(Charles Steven Hogan is a pen name of Charles Phan Hoang)

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