Saturday, September 15, 2018

POST 360 15Sept2018 TRAINING OF ELITE TIGER -Charles Phan Hoang

POST 360  15September 2018

Elite Tiger’s Training

From GM Phan Hoang to Participants to the Stage Sangano 12 May 2018

Elite Tiger’s Training

The Master said: Tiger, although you are very strong, you will always find another tiger as strong as you. So what will you do?

The Tiger:  Master, so I will train myself harder and I will be the strongest tiger.
The Master:  Of course you need train yourself harder, but your answer is just the answer that any stupid tiger could say. To win over a strong adversary you should know all the attacks and defenses possible.
The Tiger: You are right Master. I can make my attacks and defenses from all sides to subdue my adversary. From left to right, from right to left, from top down and from bottom up; from lateral line and vertical line.
The Master: That is good skill. But you adversary also knows all that. So you should learn to attack from the sky like Mr. Eagle, one of our distinguished disciples, who often practice that strategy.
The Tiger:  Oh my God! I do not have wings to fly. How could I do it?
The Master:  The issue is not how to fly! It is about how to attack the enemy from his above- from top of a tree, from a roof of a house!
The Tiger: OK my Master! I understand what you mean. But being a tiger I cannot climb up a tree!
The Master:  So, cease to be a tiger! Train yourself to be an animal that could climb up the tree!
The Tiger: Wow! What a discovery . Thousand thanks to my Master. From now on I will try to lose my weight while keeping my strength. I will be able to climb a tree like a leopard but seeing things with the eyes on an Eagle. I will train myself in a new way to become an Eagle-Tiger.
The Master:
YES! No tiger can beat an Eagle-Tiger! That is a new way of training.
 Phan Hoang
16 May 2018




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