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POST 453 20JUNE2020 SOLSTICE Kata HA CHI Quyen Exercise

  POST 453  June 20, 2020


 HA CHI Quyen

Summer Solstice 2020

This year, after a sad spring deeply affected by a plague coming from a dark side of life, the Summer Solstice, more than ever, brings to us Confidence, Joy, and Strength.

On this occasion I have composed a powerful kata, called the Summer Solstice, Ha-Chi in Vietchidao, for you, for our children, and for beautiful generations in the world to come.

The practice of Ha-Chi reminds us the Harmony in the Universe, the Strength of our Inner-Energy, the Power of Persistence, the Value of Knowledge, and the Happiness of an unaffected Mind.
                Charles Phan Hoang, June 20, 2020
(The hereby attached pictures will show you how to do the Ha-Chi)

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