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POST 437 29FEB2020 Exercise 22-23 Jade Mountain continued - PUEBLA adventure

 Post 437 29Feb.2020

In this Post you will find
-NATURE ART. ‘Quiet Winter’ 
-LEARNING. (continued) Critical Thinking of Ngoc Dinh
-EXERCISE. No 22-23 Jade Mountain
-SHARING. Understand FAST English Conversations
-REVISION. Luyen Thao 
-COLLECTION. Folk Painting No 5

  POST  437                            28 February 2020
In this Post 437 you will find the Exercises 22-23 of the form NGOC DINH / The Jade Mountain.


22   A long, sleepless night
23   The secret of the Milky Way

22   Đêm dài không ngủ
23   Ngân hà muôn sao

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Step 3. Analysis.
For example: Movements 27 and 28 are the closing part of Ngoc Dinh. So first we can put them back to the whole set of 28 movements  which starts with a wide scope (exploring Sky, Ocean, Earth) to better understand why in the end the quyen  finished  with something rather mystic or  introverted, turning to oneself.    
Then after the group can analyze the different aspects of the affirmation We are always ourselves .    

Step 4.  Reasoning. 
For example: Is this young man stupid? He explored the Jade Mountain to discover many things and after he did not say a word. Is his attitude acceptable?

Step 5. Discussion and conclusion.           
For example: After discussion the group can arrive at a conclusion which will be the answer to the question in step 1.

NOTE. In this example, the group could also better focus their investigation on the physical and technical development of movements 27 and 28, rather than on the mental aspect.    
The group could start with the question How hard is it to manage to go back exactly at the starting point. Then they will discover that the key, the solution, lays at the Movement 27 (at the end of Movement 26: raise the left leg then put it close to the starting line, then the right leg down next to the starting point, Movement 27: left leg put to the other side of the starting point.)

Ngoc-Dinh is an exceptional quyen which offers several levels of learning from beginner to advanced Black-Belts.       
One important aspect of Ngoc Dinh teaching and training is it does not dictate the way to follow; rather it presents a variety of options to choose by each learner. However it does point-out the Cause-and-Effect theory: the out-put you get is related to the in-put you had introduced. /.


    POST 437                                 

POST 437

Understand FAST English Conversations [Advanced Listening Lesson]

 POST  420                                 02 NOVEMBER 2019
The Concept of

From this week (Post 420 and the next Post 421) we will practice our daily exercise with the method of LUYEN-THAO (Performing Training).
 LUYEN THAO EXERCISES use small forms which often are some sequences extracted from a form (quyen in Vietchidao, kata in Karate) aiming at developing high skills to perform a quyen:
-consistency over all,
-precision of movements,
-solidity of stances,
-beauty of postures,
-power of gesture,
-spirit of the form
Moreover, this training will develop the specific skill of learning a form (quyen) from a document that contains only pictures and pictures. It’s up to the learner to guess the links between these pictures to make them a logical sequence of movements. It is quite a challenge aiming to educate a good learner!
In this Post 420 we will use the Exercise THINH-SU “Asking the Master” as our basic training, please see the following document.
  POST  437                                   29  February 2020

 Charles Phan Hoang  

I said to myself, today it will be a nice day, nothing to do, no plan for any kind of research to prepare. My next teaching will take place only in ten days so I have plenty of time to do whatever I like in this quiet place called Villas de la Hacienda. My apartment was at 206A Paseo del Aquaducto, in one of the two high buildings uphill, just close to the university “El TEC”, the popular name for the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Estado de Mexico.

It was Sunday January 07, 2007 and I was enormously enjoying the warm weather of Mexico while in Ottawa, my home town, the temperature must have been down below minus 20 degree Celsius, heavy snow everywhere! At eleven o’clock I went out just for a walk and thought that I will be back after taking lunch at Mondo-e, a modern shopping center in the city of Atizapan. Then I did not go back that day; not the next day; not the day after... I disappeared for a whole week!
What happened to me in this unsafe country? No one among my colleagues could really know about my story, I just told them I went to Puebla, a picturesque town, two hours south of Mexico City. In fact, an unexpected adventure happened to me around noon of that day.

For now I just want to share with you some pictures of Pueblo seen through the lenses of my small camera. For the rest of my adventure, maybe you will learn it in my next Post 438, or perhaps never.
 Charles Phan Hoang  February 29, 2020  



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