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 Post 438                    08 MARCH 2020

In this Post you will find
-MURAL ART. The Train  
-LEARNING. (continued) Phrases of Ngoc Dinh
-EXERCISE. No 24-25 Jade Mountain
-SHARING. JAPAN. An Amazing Country  
-REVISION. Luyen Luc: Dai Truong exercise 
-COLLECTION. Folk Painting No 6
-PICTURES. Mexico City

  POST  438                                    07 March

 PUEBLA ADVENTURE  (continued)
 Charles Phan Hoang 

In the previous Post  (Post 237) I said at eleven o’clock (January 07, 2007) I went out just for a walk and thought I will be back after taking lunch at Mondo-e, a modern shopping center in Atizapan. Then I did not go back that day neither the next day and nor the day after... I disappeared for a whole week! What happened to me in this unsafe city?

Mexico is a large city with a population of about eight million people. But I believe, adding all these populous suburbs to it, the metropolitan area would have more than 20 million people covering many hills and flat areas. So this is a complicate and intriguing mega city. No one could pretend to know all parts of this city. A giant network of buses tries hard more or less to cover the whole city, and the traffic jam on the Periferico is just incredible.

That Sunday morning I had time and I wanted to take a bus to go to Monde-e. The bus was a very old but picturesque one that climbed very slowly uphill and then went downhill with crazy speed and full volume of music. It was a dangerous game, but also it was an exciting bus to me, the unforgettable Mexican bus. So I changed my mind when the bus was approaching the place of Mondo-e.  I did not get off. I wanted to know at what part of this immense city the last stop will be. After a long run through some busy avenues and narrow streets the bus dropped me in a dirty area that did not seem much safe. Another bus passed by and I quickly got in, no matter where it will go. Finally this bus took me to a large place, clean and pleasant: the busy terminal of inter-city bus. Most of Mexican buses that link cities to cities are quite comfortable. Arriving here I did not want simply to go back home, so I came forward to a ticket counter and asked the lady the time of a next departure. She was surprised and asked back: Where do you want to go? I said I don’t know, but I will take any bus departing soon.  She smiled and told me that in a few minutes the bus to Puebla will leave. Without hesitation I bought a ticket to Puebla, two hours away, thinking that I will go back to Mexico City late at night. But I did not go back...

(to be continued on the next Post)     

 Charles Phan Hoang  March, 2020  



  POST  438                            08  March 2020
In this Post 438 you will find the Exercises 24-25 of the form NGOC DINH / The Jade Mountain.


24   At dawn the universe wakes up
25   Things change in life

24   Bình minh vũ trụ
25   Vạn vật chuyển vần

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Post 438  

Phrases of

01   Look at the immensity of the blue sky
02 Think about the depth of the ocean
03 Go around the world
04 At the foot of Jade Mountain
05   Be determined
06 Develop your internal power
07   Be prepared to meet snakes and tigers
08 Like an eagle soar very high
09 Five directions to explore
10   The path to the summit is spiral
11    The flowers are beautiful but sometimes dangerous
12   The songs of birds quiet us but diminish our alertness
13   Climbing the Jade Mountain
14   You will find your true original nature
15   Get rid of any worries
16   Draw your mental sword
17   Master the art of the invincible sword
18   Stop the pain
19   Great peace of mind
20 The road to the summit is difficult
21   The peaceful moon above the swirling rapids
22   A long, sleepless night
23   The secret of the Milky Way
24   At dawn the universe wakes up
25   Things change in life
26   Here we are at the top
27   We are always ourselves
28  However, we have completed the ascent of the Jade Mountain

01   Regardez l’immensité du ciel bleu
02 Pensez à la profondeur de  l'océan
03 Faites le tour de la terre
04  Au pied de la Montagne de Jade
05   Soyez bien déterminés
06 Cultivez votre puissance interne
07   Soyez prêts à rencontrer des serpents et des tigres
08 Comme un aigle planez très haut
09 Cinq directions à explorer
10   Le chemin vers le sommet est en spirale
11    Les fleurs sont belles mais parfois dangereuses
12   Les chants d’oiseaux bercent mais amenuisent notre vigilance
13   Escaladant la Montagne de Jade
14   Vous trouverez votre vraie nature originelle
15   Débarrassez-vous de tout souci
16   Dégainez votre sabre mental
17   Maitrisez l’art du sabre invincible
18   Cessez la souffrance
19   La grande tranquillité d'esprit
20 La route vers le sommet est ardue 
21   La lune paisible au-dessus des rapides tourbillonnants
22   Une longue nuit sans sommeil
23   Le secret de la Voie Lactée
24   A l’aube l'univers se réveille
25   Les choses changent dans la vie
26   Nous voilà arrivés au sommet
27   Nous sommes toujours nous-mêmes
28 Cependant nous avons accompli l’ascension de la Montagne de Jade

Frasi dei Movimenti

01   Guarda l'immensità del cielo blu
02 Pensa alla profondità dell'oceano
03 Vai per il mondo
04 Ai piedi della Montagna di Giada
05   Sii determinato
06 Sviluppa la potenza interna
07   Sii pronto ad incontrare serpenti e tigri
08 Come l'aquila, librati molto in alto
09 Cinque direzioni da esplorare
10   Il sentiero verso la cima è a spirale
11    I fiori sono belli, ma a volte pericolosi
12   Il canto degli uccelli ci calma, ma riduce la nostra attenzione
13   Salendo sulla Montagna di Giada
14   Trova la tua vera natura originale
15   Liberati di ogni problema
16   Estrai la tua spada mentale
17   Padroneggia l'arte della spada invincibile
18   Ferma il dolore
19   La grande tranquillità della mente
20 La strada verso la cima è difficile
21   La pacifica luna sopra le rapide turbolente
22   Una lunga notte insonne
23   Il segreto della Via Lattea
24   All'alba l'univero si risveglia
25   Nella vita, le cose cambiano
26   Eccoci arrivati alla cima
27   Siamo sempre noi stessi
28 In ogni modo, abbiamo completato l'ascesa della Montagna di Giada

    POST 438                                 

POST 438
JAPAN. an Amazing Country. 4k.日本介


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