Sunday, May 31, 2020

POST 450 31MAY2020 Method Chest Breathing - Exercise Elbow - May Flowers- First Crusade

  POST 450
31 May 2020                           

By now, in Ontario, we are still under pandemic restriction, restaurants are open only for pickup. Parks and beaches are open with some restrictions. Life continues slowly and the nice weather is back…

In this Post you will find
-LEARNING  Chest Breathing
-EXERCISE   Elbow Case 31
-PICTURES   Canadian Apples Blossom
-SHARING    First Crusade

    POST 450 31 May 2020                                

KANAGAWACherry blossomsMatsuda Cherry Blossom Festival 2020

    POST 450                                  

First Crusade

POST 450


First Crusade Part 1 of 2


           END POST 450  ---------------------

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