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POST 423 23NOV2019 POWER TRAINING- STRATEGY Ten-Thousand-Hands -Pictures Mer Bleue Canada

  23 NOVEMBER 2019
  POST  423                                

In this Post you will find

-PICTURES  VAN THU, Master Phan hoang
-SHARING  An old painting
-MER BLUE 2019 Pictures  

 POST  423                                 23 NOVEMBER 2019
(Part Two, Post 423)

Part Two
While the Part One is aiming to improve your hitting speed, this Part Two is designed to improve the strength (the power) of your arm when it is going back after the hitting: the returning of your arm will be executed slowly and with strong pulling. Imagine your hand hits as fast as a lightening then after your arm pulls back slowly and strongly toward your body likely you are trying to stop a crazy horse running forward! Make all your muscles work hard when you execute the four movements that make a round as shown in the attached pictures (please see attached pictures). Then again and again you will repeat the four movements (the round) until you reach your limit. For our Black-Belts Training program the standard number of rounds is set to 18 rounds./.
g.m Phan Hoang (16 November 2019)
 POST  423                                 23 NOVEMBER 2019
VAN-THU, Ten-Thousand-Hands
 STRATEGY (Part Three, Post 423)

Part Three

STRATEGY FOR FIGHTING ART. This strategy has a nickname as ‘Left-right-deep-down’. For our Black-Belts,  the teaching of this   Strategy of Ten-Thousand-Hands (Vạn-Thủ) is embedded in the following poem:
 Kích đông, kíck tây một vạn bàn tay
 Tối tăm mặt mày biết đâu mà đỡ
 Lừa khi sơ hở, nhắm trên đánh dưới
 Như bão, như giông, như rồng cuộn nước.
 Phan Hoàng’’.
Rendering all the meaning of this teaching into English is not an easy task; however for the limited purpose of this Post 423 we can provide the following interpretation: Hitting the adversary from all sides by deploying ten-thousand-hands to confuse him, to make him dizzy. Aiming one place while attacking elsewhere; moving like a storm, like a dragon in the cloud, unseen and unexpected.  Phan Hoang ”

In term of methodology, the exercise Ten-Thousand-Hands (VAN-THU) reminds us a Method (see Post 415) for exploring anything (an object, a problem) through four approaches.
1. Observing its appearance from three different standpoints or three angles (triangle).
2. Viewing and reviewing it; getting to be familiar to it.
3.Exploring its core value (top-down, bottom-up, inside-out, outside-in)
4. Catching its “inner-power”, its center of energy, its vital point.

In term of practical operation, by its four movements this exercise teaches us a way to deal with problem or conflict in life. This way consists of four steps as follows.
Step 1. Make sure you understand the true nature of the problem or the conflict. And you are understood by the others as well.
Step 2. Do not react immediately, explore the deep root of the problem and its potential ramifications.   
Step 3. Do not favor the solution you first think to act upon; make a list of choices and choose the one with less damage to both sides.   
Step 4. Act now with persistence.   
g.m Phan Hoang (22 November 2019)

  POST  ….                                      2019

An old painting found

Sharing online 

An old painting found in the kitchen of an elderly woman in France earlier this year -- which was determined to be a work of art from a 13th century artist -- made her a multimillionaire on Sunday.


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